Bimini tops?


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I'm sure ya'll know what tops work with what boats? I've got a 2001 Air Ranger 8ft wide 15 ft long 4 seater....
I see a bunch of tops that are cheap but the measurements always seem odd. I know some of our local air boaters have bought new kits and modified them?
Anyone know of a affordable bimini top kit that will fit my boat with the least amount of modification?

Thanks for looking.
Affordable...maybe not. You will probably have to get one custom made they aren't cheap but it's worth it to have a top that fits properly. Check your area for a canvas or upholstery shop.
You'll find boxed kits that are joined near the bends. They are not as strong as a continuous bow construction. Usually the hardware is plastic. I prefer the aluminum ones. 2 bows, in a 3 bow system, will need to be extended in order for the top to have sufficient height to clear the highest seat. The rear bow needs to be crossed-braced to absorb side-to-side forces. The front strap included in these kits are too short….bottom line…it's better to have a custom top built for your boat and seating arrangement.
I know this top is way up there. lol but it provides a heck of a shade and is solid running at a good cruising speed.
As most bimini tops go even for kicker boats the "kit" tops are not much value for the money, ill fitting and mostly cheap fittings even if they are not plastic. On my kicker boats and airboat I always have used custom top with one piece stainless bows with all stainless fittings with sunbrella material they will last long time and on airboat you better off making the top stow forward as well as upright as trailering with top up even using a boot you can get pin holes fast in your top, you may see kicker boats with top up and rope wrapped around the boot trailering down the road (little trick)

DB uses a great company but to get a good fit you really want the boat to measure and discuss with the builder things like braces back to the cage, how high do you want the top can you get it to stow both up and across the bow in front of the cooler.

GTO used a company that would ship and I think they were in North Carolina all stainless and well made used one on GTO for 5 years no complaints Talk to kicker boat guys in your area see who they use :thumbleft:
Any good local canvas shop can make you one. Its better to have local shop do it. So they can come to you or take boat to them. It works a lot better. Then they can pattern the top for your boat. I wife does boat canvas for a living. And good 1" stainless tubing and stainless steel fittings along with sunbrella canvas. They are not cheap. I have a bimini and I run through trees and am hard on it. But its held up. Well.