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blue lightning belt drive by water walker


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so they said it would be available buy the first of the year does any one have a confirmed price yet maybe bob knows know just trying to get all my ducks in a row
Where is Bob? Thousands of potential customers(DD Cadi guys) are anxiously waiting to hear...
Ya'll gotta remember this man is busier than a one-legged a@@ kicker :D

He was in attendance at the KRVSA meeting last night duly representing the FAA.

The Blue Lightning Belt drive is now available and the first 3 units will be at Airboat Pro's in Lake Panasofkee (hwy 44) this evening. The unit retails for $2600.00 and uses chevy bolt pattern with a weight of 59 lbs. Ratio is 2.3 to 1. Additional ratios and bolt patterns (caddi) are being planned but no production dates as yet. Come on out to Airboat Pro's and check them out.

PM me your Email address I want to test one. I will send you a dyno sheet copy of what I'm running and tell me if your comfortable with me running a Blue lightning!
I don't know yet but I'll find out and report back.

BTW, isn't that set of twins coming due soon? You are suppose to keep us updated!!!

i really like the this new belt drive but the price is not competitive to a gear box dollar for dollar at 2600 bucks you can save 400 dollars to go with a gear box and its weight is only 20 pounds heavry thats 25% more in cost with a weight reduction of 25% with out the benifits of torque role i just dont see the reason for the high price i can spend 500 dollars and decrease my boats weight buy more then 20 pounds easly i know that r&d cost alot but acompetive product at a cost we can afford with advantages we can actualy see im not talking bad about a product i just think its to exspensive !
Spooledup, I have to agree .... I think that they should be a little less expensive but then new technology always costs more and lighter weight is not the only reason to run one.

They're quieter. No rattle and growl when you're idling, and no oil seals to blow out or oil to change.
I'm not afraid of the torque roll because I've always dealt with it, and because I know that I'll be getting all the power my engine makes. Gearboxes can give up a huge piece of your horsepower because of the gear clash that happens when you change direction between the engine and the prop. It's the reason that the boxes get hot when you run them. Friction converted to heat.

I wish they were a little less, but I've already got my quarter jar started .... :D

This should be interesting ... I heard today that a lawsuit was probably being filed for patent violations. It seems that one of the other belt drive companies claims motherhood on any belt drive that gets put on an airboat ... so unless they have already fought them on this one I think a fight may be brewing quickly. I was told the guy who made the belt drive on my briggs engine airboat had to fight the suit and it looks a lot like the blue lightnin one. just a watch and see note on it. I am not involved. Could get interesting .. I hope they sell a lot of them quickly
Now Cntry, You know better than that. Starting ugly rumors that can't be proven is just not right. Hearsay is the mouth over flowing with manure.
Or at least that's what uncle Willard used to say.

Yeah, who would ever believe that an established company in a market might want to sue a company coming out with a new product? What a load :roll:

I think that's too much $ too. I have a hard time buying something that's not quite what I want when it cost more to boot. You can't tell me that more of those wouldn't be sold at $1995 and that there wouldn't be a profit even at that price....ok you can tell me that, but I won't believe it!
Where I'm sitting if this was the first time ever that a belt reduction had ever been used then there might be some kind of proprietary rights, but folks listen ...... when I was maybe 10 years old we had an old reel type lawn mower that had a smaller pulley on that little Briggs engine than it had on the gearbox that drove the thing

If any company out there in this day and age would like to try to build a case that a belt reduction is somehow a new and protected technology, then I would thoroughly enjoy testifying in behalf of the defendant in that case.

You mean like every car, truck, and even some motorcycles that have a belt reduction? The Franklin brothers are feuding and have split but are both producing the exact same thing. How can two different companies produce exact items but someone else can't make something better?
I'm not worried.

Exactly Swamp ..... the notion that someone shouldn't be able to build a better mousetrap ?

I wouldn't be a bit worried either.

being a small inventor and have submitted projects to the patent office the Franklin brothers together have rights to one patent the only way one could stop one brother from making a belt drive is to buy his half at a value of what ever he be lives his share in the patient is worth OK for the this person to sue that person for copy right infringements as long as your design differs in a visual and structural design of at least 20% difference then you can loose the right to produce a product but the name can not be advertised to be labeled as a competitive product or equal to such a product its full of legal stuff the biggest thing is a 20% difference in design