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boat runs dry but need some more help


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I took the boat out again today after replacing the rubber motor mounts. It will run dry in my back yard on the grass but if I hit a little dirt it stops.

The boat is still porpoising really bad. I had a friend of mine drive it and he said it's not riding on the nose it's porpoising. I play with the trim tab but it was still doing it. It has to be adjusted by hand so I can't move it on the go.

would putting a jack or 2 in the bottom help it. I would really like to get it to stop porpoising with out the trim tab. When I have it down it does not run dry to good.

thanks for all the help
josh, on my dads boat there is a adjustable trim tab,(hydraulic).i don't know where to get them or how much they cost but you adjust it till it stops porpoising while you are running,it works very good its a very small hyd cylinder built onto the trim tab with a hand leaver mounted on the opposite side of your stick
One more thing I did to mine that helped with porpising
was to move the gas tank forward about two feet.
That did not help with running dry. I think you may find
you have to settle for a happy medium between running
dry and running good in the water.
I'm not sure if moving the tank will help, but I may try it. I had my brother ride sitting on the front and it still did it.

If I got to use the trim tab does that mean I have the weight to far back.

Thanks for all the help