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bonding polymer

c chardt

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I talked to the company that makes the uhmw polymer and he talked to me about a new product that the make to bond polymer to aluminum,steel,glass ect. and he said that he was wanting to try it on the bottom of airboats also said that it would cut way down on the cost of applying it and no more holes in the bottom of the boat.

But hte question is will it stay on the bottom of the boat would hate for the front to pull loose when your on a plane in deep water don't think I want to try it...
Well for my part I would try the bonding but at the front and sides I would go for that warm fuzzy feelin that only comes from well placed fasteners. I have seen polymer come loose at the front & sides and it aint pretty. I always place a backup row of fasteners at the front & sides just for safety sake.
I would like to know about who to contact about a bonding methoid. Speed wouuld go up and fuel cosumption down.
I'm wondering if this bonding agent is 3M 5200. Use this stuff all the time in marine applications. Please provide contact info on the bonding agent.
It's not 5200. You have to buy it from the UHMW manufacturer/dealer. They UHMW manufacturer developed the bonding agent. I bought some a few years ago and haven't used it. I doubt that it would work on airboats, just too much abuse. I think it was intended for cabinetry work.
THis is the web site for the uhmw polymer http://www.polyhisolidur.com/
I e mailed them and they returned my call about 1-2 days while on the phone with the guy we were talking about airboats and thats when he told me that they have devolped a bonding for the uhmw polymer and he said that they want to test it on airboats . he also said that it would bond to glass,aluminum,and steel almost like a peel and stick they also if you go to the web site they sell sticks of polymer and you can melt it just like welding 2 sheets together and he said that it works well.
There is also a product made by cool chem that is supost to bond about anything to anything eg:rubber to wood ect and very high breaking strenght... I have some ordered just to try on something to see how it works... by the way I won't be taking the bolts out of my polymer yet. but it just might work as a little repair kit to keep in the boat.
http://www.coolchem.com 8)
p.s. if you go to the web site and put in code me61 you can get a sample kit just for shipping cost
Coolchem comes with a debonding agent for skin and clean up .. I/m not sure but would think that the same stuff would remove the coolchem when you needed to replace or repair something.
All I can so is no thanks at this point in time. Maybe one day when hull are disposable and they have perfected the adhesion.
c chardt The sheer loads on the polymer when on plan or in deep water will not have any effect on the bond between the hull and polymer.

Jim See my last blog on Splicing Polymer I address this and agree with you.

rbjscott You can contact me at bruce@linktech-inc.com The river jet boat people think they picked up 5 mph with my bonded product compared to the bolted on polymer.

BigDaddy - RJ is correct I use a much stronger product . 5200 is a great product but not on boat bottoms.

rbjscott The bonding agent is only part of PolyLink Plus. The OEMs and authorized installation company will supply the materials. I'm in the process of setting these company's world wide.

Dave GSO480 I address this on Polymer and Steel coat blog
If blinkers product is as good as it looks it will revolutionize the airboat UHMW application business. It will be like going from hand making a plug for a mold (Effective but slow) to using a 5 axis CNC router to cut a plug (Fast, perfectly symmetrical, etc...)