Bottom Paint

By bottom paint are you talking steel flex? If so the 2000 is so slick you better not untie your boat untill your baked into the ramp or the boat will slide off trailer.
We’ve always used Frog spit in the past,, curious if this will bond to the remaining frog spit and how well it wears?


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My guess is that it will require all the spit to be ground off and a cleaning with acetone using two rag method. That is using one rag to apply and one rag to take off. I have also used grease and wax remover from a auto paint store. Works good for the silicone in the paint.
Is the durability comparable?
Well, you will need to completely strip the bottom to the substrate, be it glass or aluminum, a well washed hull in direct sunlight, masked off, a full coat of 9X with the color pigment you want, then a coat of 9X 2000 superslick once the basecoat of 9X is almost cured and spongy, pull the tape, you will have to roll it on quickly, no breaks, by the end of day you will be able to flip it and put it on the trailer. As Gary said, you had best strap the hull down.
10-4. I appreciate the intell. I’m guess we can spray it with a dump gun like we have the frog spit
10-4. I appreciate the intell. I’m guess we can spray it with a dump gun like we have the frog spit
No, short nap roller cover "for epoxy" on extension pole, mix 2 ounces of the pigment into part2 of each kit using a small paddle type mixer in a drill, I built this one years ago, in a 5 quart mixing bucket, combine part 1 and 2 of the 9X together, mix thoroughly with drill, pour it up center of hull, get to rolling it out, "don't stop for a break, gotta haul ass here" side to side, crossways, fore and aft, side to side, then once coated, last roll fore and aft full length toward rear, let the sun bake it, will look like glass, let it cure about an hour and a half, mix up half of the 2000 super slick "even amounts" new roller cover, same procedure, you will have leftover 1/2 kit to recoat later on. Pull the masking tape while hot.
As far as durability it depends on where and how you ride. Only coating I have ever used was steel flex so I have no way to compare. But if you run in sand nothing but poly is going to last.