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brevard air and power boat association is it

c chardt

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we will be meeting at the club house just east of camp holly at around 10:00am on aug 27,2005 we are able to use all the boat ramps but parking is on the north side of the road and they said to just make room if any of the members show up and let them use the ramp.. other than that no other problems . so this is it


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Do you know which way you will be running yet. I don't know if I will make 10 but I will probably be there at some point and figured I could find you all if I know whether you are running north or south.


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Thanks cc - I was just coming on to post about this.

The run is going South

The cast off time is 10 a.m.

I'll post an aerial photo of the ramp so that the parking instructions are crystal clear.

And there is nothing stopping anyone from paying Camp Holly's launch fee and putting their boat in there. Then just idle across the river and up the canal, and join us on the beach.

I'm pretty sure Camp Holly sells gas if anyone needs to re-fuel on the river - bring money. They also sell food/ice/etc there for those last minute plans or to re-stock without leaving the river before the night run.

Overnight parking for RV's is limited but possible there too.

I have no doubt that everyone will remember to be respectful of the Brevard Air & Powerboat Assn. - We are there as their guests. Remember that they will have members showing up to launch their boats, and if I am in line waiting to use the ramp when a member shows up, I'll let them cut in line in front of me. And we ought to leave them the best parking spaces in front of their building too. Just my thoughts on the deal.

Looking forward to the ride!

see ya there!



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I haven't been to Camp holly in a couple of months but to my knowledge they do not sell gass. I know they have a big tank for their ride boats. There is plenty up the road at 95 though. I even think the sunoco sells race gas.( or at least they used to)


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Here is a link to a large aerial photo of the area - With parking and other information.

http://homepage.mac.com/moodfood/.Pictu ... 20Ride.jpg

cfth - I did not know that about the gas. It's been YEARS since I've been to camp holly - I got my info from marshbunny's page about the place. She says gas is there... but of course it's pricey. For the money, you're right - with the interstate so near by, if you have portable gas cans, just run up there. That's my plan anyway.



Great map moodfood.

You are definately in charge of the aerials from now on. (if that's okay with you)


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Great work Moodfoodand CC. Your legwork is turning this idea into a working deal.

I'd like to say thanks to the Brevard Air and Powerboat Association for the use of the place. I'm sure there are some members who look at this site.



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Thanks Rick & Adam! I do enjoy map making! I have enjoyed it since I was a kid.

In the photo, if you look in the little grassy area I have marked "Reserved Parking for BAPA members" you can see a fuzzy white blob. I think that's a vehicle parked there... and can show you the scale of the photo. The road there is the old OLD hwy 192 - a two lane asphalt road. cchardt suggests that we park vehicles on the north side of that old road. But it does look narrow. No room to turn a trailer around. If you can't back up a trailer very well... You have a little time to practice!

Also, on the south side of that road, in the canal there, it looks like a great place to beach up the boats before the run - I'll bet a ton of boats all in a straight line there will make a great photo. :)

And I also would like to thank the Brevard club. It is very cool of them to let us launch there. Good job cchardt! It looks like a perfect rally point. Who knows? Maybe some of will join that club too.

By the way, I think on this run I'm going to pack a pole net and some garbage bags. The last few times I've been out I keep seeing trash in the water... and I like picking that crap up. Leave the place cleaner than I found it, ya know?

Sure Rick. I have no problem being the map guy. I can get these aerial photos of the entire USA. (& much of the PLANET) Some have even better resolution - You can count individual people in the photos. I've almost got one done of the main run area. I just need to compare it to a topo map to get the last of the place names filled in. But it shows a LOT of trails out there!!!! :D

I'll put a link to it in the map thread when it's done.



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Does anyone have an address for the ramps there?

Sounds like a fun time, wish I could be there, but may be on a poker run for the Lake County Club at Lake George that same day. If not I will be at the ramp to meet the good folks I've been in contact with.


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The best I could do is
Lat: 28.07873086
Long: -80.74395514
For the middle of their building. This info came from my aerial photo site.

If someone knows a site that will find a street address by long/lat then use those numbers. (And tell us about such a cool site)

I guess they don't even have a website. Not one that I can find anyway.



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Well, if you punch in this address at mapquest.com it'll put a pin right on top of the Brevard Air & Powerboat Assn... But the name I have associated with this address is:

Bill Collomore
6301 Sweetwater Dr
Melbourne, FL 32904-9748

Rick, prepare to delete this message if it turns out I'm putting out someone's private information!!! I've never heard of and don't know Bill. But like I said, put "6301 Sweetwater Dr." into a map engine, and it'll give you directions to the launch point.

Woodswoman, I'm not sure if this is going to be any help to you!!! :shock:

(Edited to add:)
In the process of looking for that address, I found the address for Camp Holly. 6901 W. Hwy. 192 in case anyone needs this info. It's well within locomotive train horn distance of our launch point. ;)

Man, searching for that address, I was beginning to get the feeling of "you can't get there from here"!!! They use a P.O. Box for their mailing address.



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Moodfood, cchardt,

Good work on your end! Hats off to you two!

I still like the idea of Mood's horn to find the group as I think I heard it last night from my place down here at the "bottom of the world"!


c chardt

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there is 2 shacks just past the ramp where people live so that might be the address you have the drive way goes right behind the building


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I'll warn you now - the turnoff to the Airboaters Asso. ramp is hard to see, even if you know where it is.

As you are going west on 192, before you get to the bridge, the road will make a big curve to the right. There is a mailbox on the right hand side of the road, right at the place where the turn off is to the left.

This left-hand turn drops down sharply, so it's hard to see from the road. Don't leave the main road too quickly, as the sharp drop heads towards a canal and you'll be angling off to the right again.

Coming from the west you will pass over the bridge (Camp Holly is down in a low spot at the west end of the bridge), then look for a sharp right turn. It's easier to see from this direction, but it's a real sharp turn, so take 'er slow.

Maybe the first people there could put some kind of marker up by the road?

For anyone who wants to launch at Camp Holly, there is a canal running right along the road that leads right to the Airboaters Association ramp.


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Just to let you know me and cchardt went out to do a test run today and I have taken lots of pictures of the ramps, parking, member parking, the canal to Camp Holly, Camp Holly, some of the camping spots, and all of that good stuff. Right now I just have the first couple of pictures. I will download the rest in about an hour.


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I do have pictures of Spade Island. If you want to take a look you can email me. For some reason I cannot upload them.

c chardt

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here is the other ramp and you can see some of the parking area