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brevard air and power boat association is it


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Not cancelled at all. At least I'll be there! And so will several I have spoken too.

I think this storm will be G-O-N-E gone by Saturday in the Melbourne area, and it will leave behind it nothing but some of the best weather you've ever seen. I'm even doubting it will affect the water level at all. We'll see about that one though.




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Like I posted earlier. I looked on the weather channel web site and took it hour by hour and it says we have about 20-40% chance of rain at about 10am. We don't have to leave right at 10am. We can leave a little later but I think it wil be great weather maybe overcast which is fine with me. Less sun the better.


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Please thank the Brevard Airboat association for the use of the facility for me! I loved the ramp use as it's much easier than the traditional "back the boat down to the water" method!

Really a "class-act" club you'rre in there!