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Building dad a new run way


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Well it has come time to build a new runway and cage on dads boat and I will say it has been long over due for some time now and we’ve been at it hard to for the most part of two weeks in the afternoons after work and when we haven’t been out of town on the weekends we work on some of it then here’s a little progress that we’ve made so far AA183283-3CD1-4B1B-A62F-CEF7FA5A9F17.jpeg here’s the runway he decided to use as much 1/2in emt as possible and only using 3/4in for the foot stand itself and four legs going down to the angle on the stringers
Here’s some of the bad stuff on his cage 974D1C00-8BAE-4D0B-B1EF-F094304CC9A0.jpeg


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We pulled the old rigging out this morning and are fixing to flip the hull over to put a new slick bottom on which will happen sometime during the week or next weekend 08FA7965-13E8-4842-B86C-145C4921FA19.jpeg3E87AEE8-5C72-489A-A161-D086D781ECDD.jpegFD630E91-E47E-44A2-9FF5-F48EDE6FC900.jpeg
:toothy7: Here’s some more pics of dads boat hopefully I will be able to upload a video of his boat in action runnin around in the pasture
No sir the previous seat stand was all 3/4 conduit this new rigging has more 1/2 inch and is lighter than the old one
That’s a fact Kwan and he’s got it done just before the second phase of our general gun season next weekend if it’s brown it’s down :toothy7: :toothy7: :cheers: