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Bull whips


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yobee said:
I got marshjunkys dad plaiting me up a 10'er. I told him I wanted it loaded, but other than that just make it how he wants. Ill post up when I get it.
Also a good friend is making some arrangements for me to meet up with Mr Clarence Hale one of these days, I think Im gonna have him make me a big one, like a 13'er.
I called him as soon as i got off the phone with you and he said im on it. And i 100% sure you will love it


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Marshjunky said:
scrambletown said:
david morgan,
expensive but worth it.
pretty sure he made the indiana jones whips.
are you talking about david morgan with the bucking bulls
had one about 12 foot damn nere beat myself to death! with it. :lol: :lol: :lol:
thought the scares would never go away. :drunken: :drunken: :drunken:


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Big Casino,
How long ago did Mr.Curly Dekle pass away??? Its been about fifteen years since our trials crossed each other. The last time i saw Mr. Curly it was at the FL state fair, he was still doing his exhibit in the Crackertown. I still have a handfull of his whips in the shed, He made me a little 4'er for working the pens its handy, stick it in my pocket, ride with it, eat with it maded out of that nylon untie it from the handle and throw it in the washing machine I love it. The rest of them are all kangaroo hide and buchskin. He would tell me just put lard on them and thats all i been doing with mine.

When he was working the rodeo circuit throughout the state he would put on shows that would give you the chills. He would blindfold the children, and cutdown the stick in about 1-2 inch lengths. He would say them little ones have no fear.

I know one thing when we are standing at the gates of HEAVEN and here a whip crackin, will have a pretty good idea who it will be. I can go on about Mr. Curly he was a man of his word, and stood tall.

Mr. Curly Dekle of MacClenny, Florida rest in peace.



Here's some Curly Dekle Photos...




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Thankyou for posting them pictures of Mr. Curly Dekle. Back in his younger days the photo with one in each hand were most likely 18'er's. He was one of the best with a whip.

Big Casino

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Hey BR549 ...

It's great that you have so many of his whips. Take good care of them!!!! That lil 4'er sounds sweet. Something alot of folks didn't know about him was that he was also an accomplished rodeo announcer back when the NFR was in Oklahoma City. Here's is a post from a Florida History Webpage. But it doesn't do him justice in my opinion. Oh yeah and I'll save ya'll the trouble of looking it up a Raconteur is a (???)

J. P. "CURLY" DEKLE (1912 - 2004) - 1987 Florida Folk Heritage Award

Florida cowmen use braided leather whips to control the movement of cattle, though the whips seldom actually touch the animals. The cattle respond to the loud “crack” of the whip, without having to be struck. Some people say the name “Florida Cracker” derives from the sounds of cowboys cracking their whips while driving a herd. The Florida cracker whip is characterized by the way the whip body attaches to the hollow wooden handle by means of a leather thong.

J. P. Dekle, who lived in the northeast Florida town of MacClenny, learned to braid whips from his father, “Judge” Dekle, while growing up on a farm near Lake Butler. A well-respected raconteur, Dekle noted that the farm was "about two wagon-greasings from town. My dad had me out cattle huntin' when I was about seven years old. We had what they called free-ranged [cattle]. We had quite a job when that dippin' [cattle] come in; we dipped every two weeks to get the ticks off. Sometimes, we'd take a dip too, to get the ticks off..." His father taught him the basis for two refinements in whip construction that greatly improved balance, accuracy and loudness. First, Dekle weighed the belly of the whip with SB pellets rolled in a strip of duct tape. Second, unlike most other whip- makers, he braided the outer layer of leather from the tip toward the handle, so that there was no final knot at the tip to interfere with the cracking action.

Dekle became adept at cracking whips and was renowned for his whip acts performed at rodeos and festivals throughout Florida and other southern states. Over the years he refined his act, which included plenty of country humor and audience interaction. After he retired from the rodeo, he remained one of the state’s finest raconteurs and whip makers.

??? (Story Teller) ???


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Just got my whip from Marshjunkys Dad. Mr Davey makes a pretty sweet whip for sure. If anyone is wanting one made I wouldn't hesitate to give him a call. Love the guava handle too!


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just starting a new thread for people that may want to order, not dure where to put it in the classifieds, any idea or thaughts?


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R. I. P.
Looks like OTHER / Miscellaneous fits the bill. Once you have the ad in be sure to put a big announcement post in Airboat Talk. I'll let it ride there for a couple of days then move it to On the Hill.

Traditional skills & craftsmanship are something to be appreciated by all. I'll help keep the announcement thread alive for ya with bumps.


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Yeah brother put it in the classifieds! Make a thread on here too, any of these guys that would want a new whip, even if for just a play toy, they might as well have it hand made by an airboater! I was trying to teach my little sister to crack it and remembered how bad they can whip ya if your not paying attention lol! Think she might need to start with a smaller one haha


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I am waiting on Marshjunkys dad to make Parkers birthday present for him as well...cannot wait to see it. Charles


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Whitebear said:
Looks like OTHER / Miscellaneous fits the bill. Once you have the ad in be sure to put a big announcement post in Airboat Talk. I'll let it ride there for a couple of days then move it to On the Hill.

Traditional skills & craftsmanship are something to be appreciated by all. I'll help keep the announcement thread alive for ya with bumps.

thank you sir , ( bear )

check out my gallerey , just posted another one , with more to come


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I know this thread is old but I keep my hands busy on days that I ain’t working buildin cow whips and on occasions a set or two of spurs


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Here’s some more


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