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buy new airboat


I am shopping for an airboat. I am looking for something speedy and
corners. Would a Lycoming with a counter rotating prop fit the bill? Would a 350 Chevy would give me the same due to power/weight ratio. Would 2to1 gearbox be better than 2 to 68? saw the Diamondback ads; Are their other companies that equal them? I am stuck on deciding wth options with props and engines. :?:
curious how limited your pocket is? Counter rotaters are usually on big boats not speed boats. you can make a crotch rocket like 10 footer or a speedy ride boat 13 footer. You got a lot of gaps to fill in.

EDIT- about companies being equal.. in my opinion pretty much yes. They each do something a little different but most of the boat builders out there are just as good as another. Diamondback did me right on my boat took 30 days to build my hull and they stand behind everything even if it means they are loosing money. But they are definitaly not the only good builder out there. 8) Feel free to call them as your starting point though ask for Bobby he's a top notch guy and use that info to shop around and find out what you like.
Ya,the Lycoming with the counter rotator would be bad ass.If they actually made one.lol.
There is a number of good boat builders just check us all out and try to test run some before you buy one and try to find one that suites your needs and handles the way you want before you buy