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cage wire


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Hey guys Trying to find stainless wire for cage try other stuff dont work. Alumium would work cant find its so far !I found 4-8 sheets 4-4 inch stainless 300 a sheet need three sheets . Not happening ! Any ideas ! :cry:need 2-2 or 2-4 or anything close thanks
GTO in Ocala uses a light weight (for stainless) wire on some cages. It may be 2X3 ? My first boat was a GTO and had it. They have always been very accommodating and very reasonable on repairs and parts.
There was a guy out here in NE who drilled a bunch of holes in his cage bars and threaded stainless steel welding wire thru it and riveted the ends to get the 2 x 3 grid. It looked real good when he was done.
I found that you can buy 1/8 col roll in stainless for $5.95 a 12ft stick then you can make the squares any size you want and it's a lot stronger or you could make shapes with it on the cage 60 sticks is only 375.00 a lot cheaper just takes a little time
CC that is what my cage has on it and I am constantly having to have it welded back together. It seems to break where the ends are welded to the cage itself. The wire intersection welds have held up fine. My puny motor and prop vibrates stuff quite a bit maybe my new motor and itty bitty prop will fix some of that