Cajun airboaters / Hurricane Ida


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My continued prayers go out for all our Cajun friends this AM as we see the news of the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, (especially Slidell which was on the Northeast side of the storm). They were given so...little time to prepare or escape.
I moved to Slidell in the winter of 69', (after only the 2nd Cat 5 Hurricane to ever hit the US made landfall). We would see two major storms there in the next 4 years I lived there, and had one foot of water in our home in the Bayou Liberty subdivision, (James Bond "The Spy Who Loved Me" was filmed there) where we saw Jon boats motor down the street. Anyone that's ever been through a major storm like this know the emotional effects will last a lifetime, (especially on the children).

Please everyone keep our Cajun brothers and sisters in your prayers as some will never truly recover, (I also lived in South Florida when Andrew hit, (a trained eye can still see evidence of it even 29 years later of how it leveled Homestead).