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Cam gurus


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Who is the goto for cams ! Have a 388 stroker wanna but roller but not until we talk choices ?? Was thinking 480 lift 230 dur ect? Has 10.1 comp— Afr heads 200 cc 750 quickfuel carb big headers.
When I built my 408 recently, I spoke to several cams company's and the cam recommendations where all over the place.

I spent 20.00 with BTR. They spent several phone calls with me zeroing in on what I wanted. I am very happy with the results. Well worth 20.00
Wallace cam calculator is a neat online tool to blueprint what you are building, keep in mind that you want the torque curve to flatten out right where the prop will stall the engine at peak rpm, 750 CFM might be a bit much, gotta keep in mind even though engine is high performance and gear driven prop you are building a "tow truck engine" not a race car engine.
What is the Top engine rpm you desire ?

If your content running under 5,400 and having a lot of usable power look at a cam similar to this spec.

495/502 lift 220/224 duration @50’ 112 LSA

That is the exact cam spec that Smeding Performance uses in their 420hp. They are very kind to share.
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