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camp in area 2A for sale


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I'm not sure if this is the place for this post but maybe Rick or a moderator can help. I'm "considering" the sale of the Judges Camp in area 2A. Only accessible by boat unless of a drought. 5 bedroom cabin, small bath and generator cabin, large kitchen cabin, even larger gathering room cabin. 100% walk around docks. 90% new re-build. It was my project and I must move on. I have two cabins and don't need the money so I am not in a hurry. It is located on the east side and has location, location, location. On an open slough, 360 view. The lease is good for another 19 years. I have no use for window shoppers and tire kickers. I have a wrap around video that maybe I can send to Rick (on a cell phone) to post for me. I'm not good on these sexy technologically devices. Will post more if this works. :dontknow: :slap:


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Good to see you post. How much are you "considering " asking for it? How are the turtles and frogging? Thanks, Mark