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Car motor race prop question


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Which Sensenich prop 2 or 3 blade is best for racing. I have 82in. super wide Sen. on my ride boat. Thought about cutting it down and trying it. I am currently running 80in 2 blade max .I got it at max pith over turning it! :shock: Thought about 3 blade falcon but would rather go to Sen. Anybody with experience racing Sen. I would appreciate advice. I am new to this site :oops: Learned alot reading here!I'm 29 and married. I have been air boating for 2 years and love it. 8)
dantheairboatman":t6dg3uzw said:
I am currently running 80in 2 blade max .I got it at max pith over turning it! )
What are you running for a power plant? How about swapping it out with the 82" on your ride boat?
You didn't say what engine you have but I'm assuming the "80 in 2 blade max" is a maximus so you must be running a gear box. I believe Waterthunder's race boat runs a 3 blade Sensenich K Series wide blade. He has tested a lot of props for racing and he can tell you more
I have sbc 400 268 stinger .My cage can only fit 80in. I had alcohol injection with 8 blade warp. Turned it around backwards and the rudders got 5 of the blades :( So detuned to predator on gas. I ran this boat at lake george at the race in august . Just a ride boat. country told me the k series is what alot of guys run. I run the q series on the aircraft and love it ! Wondering if they make that longer in right hand rotation? trying 3 blade super wide Sen. just got one from a friend. I will try it tomorrow .It may not be good for racing but should hold it down.
Or try the Super Wide blades in the 2 blade hub. I would be interested to see how they do compared to the Maximus blade-for-blade
I may have to cut two or more inches off of it; considering cutting it myself? I have run both the Max. and the Sen. super wide on my 383/2.38 Stinger ride boat. The Sen. was the big winner between the two. Thunder said that 3 is better. Nothing like trying both to find out. I think two would be less torque roll if I don't have to go past 2 1/2 on pitch.
I do not suggest you cut the propeller yourself. Nobody should modify any of the hollow composite propellers themselves. The blades should be sent to the factory if they need modified. Unlike Sensenich's other blades, the Superwide blades have no room to be cut down unless they are custom made (which we do upon request). This is because of the very large blades we wanted to keep the tips as light as possible to reduce stresses on the blade. If you cut down your blades you may get into the balance epoxy that is shot into the tip to balance the blades. When you run up the blades the epoxy could shoot out like a bullet and injure someone or damage your boat.

If you have any questions, call the Sensenich factory @ 813-752-3711
Thunder was running a two blade super wide blade for a race prop and best I can remember he liked it real well but his was short and Sensenich made it special for him
i think it was less than 78 inches long
Glad i asked! Some one could have got hurt.I bought a short hub from GTO. Should be here in a couple days.So i can try the 2 blade. Don't pay to cut corners? no pun intended.To
Just got back from orange lake. Tried the big 3 blade Sen. :) It did every thing better and had less torque roll than the 2 blade maximus.Had it almost on 2 turning it 63 hundred. Ran out of light or we would have put more pitch in it.Mid range and top end is nasty :shock:
Dan, are you local to Orange? I am about 20 minutes away and I run there all the time.

I think if you get that 3 blade to turn about 1900, you will get great performance and still be really quiet
I was born and raised there. Me and my Buddy brian have a few boats.there all white Jimmy white hulls. brian has one leg. You may have seen him? Lets get to gather and ride. Thinking about ridding lake George this week end!
Can't believe I haven't seen you guys out there......

Jimmy White hulls rock, that's my next boat.

Your boat isn't "WIRED" is it?
No two of them say Warning not to fat to fly. Come to sportsman cove thur.after noon will be doing more tuning. call me at 352 206 5887 names daniel