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carbs on dd


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What carb work better on 350chevy Edelbrock I got dont seam to feed like the qjet I had?Stolin when boat was down.I think its a 600. :?:
Now this is just one mans very humble opinon but its backed with 40 plus years knowledge. You must first figure out what you want to do and what you want your boat to do. If you want alot of snap in a hurry than the 500 2-barrel is the carb for you, however if your looking for more ecomomy with some of the snap then the 450 4- barrel is the perfect carb. I currently run the 450 4-barrel mechinacal secondaries and it gives good snap with real real real good economy just my opinon!
The Q-jet is my favorite but it takes a bit of tuning to get it to work right. Its (to me) easy to change stuff out in and easy to clean and rebuild. I like the blunt secondary metering rods and matching jet taper. You can make one of these things dump a lot of gas though so it has to match the engine.

Yeh I know most folks are in love with Holly and thats fine, Holly is a decent carb, in fact I hear that Holly now makes the Q-jet instead of Rochester.

So....... I got nothing negative to say about Holly.

Anyway just letting out some opinion stuff I found that worked fine for me.

Scotty :)
Good suggestions here. I like Q-Jets but ya gotta be one of the very few people to understand em to tune em right, and the secondaries are so big they will most likely barely open at 3000, but like I said once right they would run great and probably get the best economy. The 4412 (500) Holley is a good choice, but a small 4-barrel is much more efficient than a big 2-barrel. The 450/465 Holley is IMHO a very good suggestion, and honestly my fav would have to be the NASCAR 390 4bbl. It actually flows the same as the 500 2bbl (Holley uses a different test pressure on the 4412 and when tested at the same pressure flow approx the same) It's more expensive, but if I had my druthers....

it would depend on if its a stock motor or if you got a little power, the only direct drive boat i ever built was 10.5 to 1 ,ross pistons ,dart head ,and a good port job it liked a 650 double pump holley jetted on the verge of being lean people used to get hung up trying to get me stuck
anybody run one of the new truck avenger carbfrom holley (edelbrock makes one now too)? it comes in a 550 cfm or 7--something. supposed to be a great carb. made for all the bouncin and jostlin around a 4x4 makes. figured had to apply to an airboat as well.....just a thought, as i my self am a edelbrock fan..mainly cuz that's what i started with and stuck withit.
the roch. q-jet that came on so many vehicles, IMHO, is garb...not that good. I have heard the same thing, if tuned right it's a baddaddy,,if tuned right. my woman is finicky enough i dont want my carb to be also! :D
Had Edelbrock600 gained250rmp with Q-jet700 off caddy had to tune it down a little to idle . It has pretty good snap .As for fuel 30 gal frog 8hr and run hard most of the day had about 2gal left end of the day.