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Central GA Airboat club?


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Anybody know if there is an airboater's club in the middle GA area? If there isn't one, anybody interested in getting together and setting one up?
I would definitely join if we could get enough members to put this together. It is hard, though, for me to put enough effort into something else with kids to raise by myself, work, etc to head up the organization. I will certainly pull my weight, but putting it together would be hard to do. Anyone want to start getting together to plan how to start this thing? I'll be there if we can plan to meet for this thing
I would be willing to head something like this up. I have been talking to a few people about it. I have tried in the past but didn't have much interest. I think our biggest hurdle is going to be logistics.
well, we hasve a hand full of people up here, I'm sure there are others in N fal that will want to participate. We can make it an informal club until we can work it out...you know, just a group of friends getting together to ride
Good idea on the friends getting together to ride,,, I cant help set it up, except from a distance, and contributions, but I am all for it,,,

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Ya ll need to look up Pat Ogden in Odum Ga. He's got a bad ass ride and look n for people up there to ride with! He rides the Altimah river! He's in Jones Kithchen in Jesup bout every Friday for lunch!
How about it Pea??? What have ya'll come up with concerning the N. Fla/Ga AB club??? Hope you can come up with a Plan,,, I'm All In for it,,,

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Cowboy Rock said:
How about it Pea??? What have ya'll come up with concerning the N. Fla/Ga AB club??? Hope you can come up with a Plan,,, I'm All In for it,,,

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It's a workin' progress Cowboy Rock. Give it a few more months and she should be up and running. Thanks for the support.

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Hey radtech,

I have been talking to Cowboy rock about riding in ur area. I live southwest of u about 70 miles. I lived and worked in Warner Robins for 5 yrs. I am looking at meeting other people in our area to ride and slide with. Also looking for new ride areas.

Let me know if and when u might ride and maybe I can meet and ride as well.

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Nice to meet ya, Cooter. Getting ready for Gator season on the 7th of next month, so I'm pooling money and getting the boat in tip top shape for that, but I have been kicking around the idea of getting some people together for a river run if we can find a good, safe place to put in and running either from Oconee, Ocmulgee, or Altamaha river up to Benton Lee's and eating. They have an awesome menu and great prices. Rivers up this way are dangerously full at the moment due to rain, so no fun places to ride. Want to get back to Seminole also before it gets cold. If you haven't been there, you'd love it.
I'm in if you guys get something started but you got to realize there Ain't a lot of us up in this neck of the woods,you all might want to talk to Paul Dixion or his wife I sure they can get you a few members
We ride with Mr Paul and his bunch. Great place to ride on seminole, I have not figured all the trails out yet, but am slowly learning them. It hard to learn when your following and having to make sure u don't run up on another boat.

Radtech, I live in ur area for five years and ur right when river is high it would be tough to enjoy a good ride in a sled. Did you get an alligator tag? I went down to Ocala 2 weeks ago for the wounded warrior hunt, we had 11 tags for these guys and gal, then took them out for a ride on sat in lake George.

Would love to set something up for all of us in our area to meet and discuss a ride a possibly a club.

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Sounds great to me, Cooter. Let's get a bunch of us together. I DID get a tag. Lookin at a huge one this year.
The lake was up last time I was there, but me and a buddy made some cool new runs through the sawgrass that haven't been rode in many years. Had a lot of fun
I'm in

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