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R. I. P.
Duece, do you remember that huge neon "For Sale" sign I told you about? The one hanging over Florida?

if you'll have anything like waterfront property because of that developement, hang on to it because you just hit the lottery.
Same here man.
I hope it's open for all to enjoy.
I hope someone will come along here with more info about this.
Have you tryed to find anything out about the CERP plans for your area on-line?

Good slogan you've got on your post signature.
I like the sound of that.
Duece knowing our gov we will not be alowed ,I wouldnt be supprised if that project dosent get dropped for another high end housing project ,which is 5 min from me .
I hope to see more progress on the Kissimmee River restoration as well. The Cornwell section has provided a nice area to ride in too. I believe it is all part of CERP. I can only imagine what the river would be like from Lake Kissimmee to Lake Okeechobee if it was all restored! Miles and miles and miles of marsh and prairies.

I would hope that would be true but...

I remember being with the Collier Sportsman/Conversation Club for 10 years fighting for similar lands. We had to fight to open "walk-in" hunting in the newly acquired OK sleuth. Far as I know still no buggies/airboats/atv's there. We also fought for the additional 10,000 acres in the Bear Island unit of the Big Cypress, (10 years later purchased with our tax dollars and not open yet).

Would be good to know, like cowboy said above the Devils Garden is slap full of deer and hog. As well as north of there where you're talkin about.

Beautiful country.

I've been looking at their website, but I have not found any maps yet.

I scanned the Master Recreational Plan, and it mandates public access opportunities for Non-motorized / non consumptive activities.

It does mandate public outreach for traditional existing uses, and to seek out stakeholder involvement for those.

I'll still be trying to find out more info on it when I get a chance.

Someone may come along here who knows more about it now.
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Recreation and Navigation

Public use has been an important consideration of the C&SF Project since it was first developed. The C&SF Project provides opportunities for a wide range of outdoor activities, including: fresh water and estuarine fishing, boating, hunting, camping, picnicking, nature watching, and photography. It also provides the public with access to areas where they can simply "get away from it all." The opportunity to pursue these activities is very important to the economy of south Florida and to the people who make use of these opportunities, including residents, visitors, eco-tourists, and the Native American Tribes. Restoration and protection of the remaining Everglades system, the Keys, south Florida estuaries (including Florida Bay), and reef tracts are essential to the economic base provided by these recreational and traditional uses.
That is a disclaimer. It will be used in the future to justify actions they deem necessary in the mean time.

I'm not trying to be negative or mean spirited. Please understand that this all upsets me as much as it does any of you, but my wife has been involved (title agency, mortgage company) in Florida real estate for over 30 years. I've learned how to read this stuff.

There will be NO long term future airboating use, and maybe none at all without a fight. This is a long-term development plan, and this is how they come at you. It's designed to sound very harmless at the outset so that there will be little to no opposition to it.

I sincerely hope that I'm wrong, but I've got $1000.00 for 5 years from now IF I'm wrong for anybody who wants to take the bet ..... ?

That big neon sign is on, folks. Get involved in your local elections. Please.
And they wonder why there are more airboat complaints on the lakes these days! There wouldn't be any airboats on populated lakes if the state would let the boats run in the areas they want to...and should. :dontknow: