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check out this hill clim in a bronco 2

Boy i wonder if he got that smell out of the interior you know where he sharted all over him self
Lucky he know to turn tale and head back to the bottom where he belonged in that ford :lol:

a chevy would have been parked up top where it belongs :D :D
WOW !! hey when in doubt, " throttle it out " !!!! that was good drivin no matter what the logo on the hood. 8)
Looked like he had it licked until that other MoFo cut him off at the top, and left him no place to go. cooter
I was fully prepared to start counting roll overs when he punched out of it. Cool clip there thanks for posting it.
goldhunter_2":19r8byjr said:
that other truck was Parked on the top the whole time so how did he cut the ford off

It wasn't parked the whole time, You can see it move across the crest of the hill, from the very start. You may have Selective Vision. May want to have that checked out. :fucyc: cooter
ok I will rephrase that for those poor ford guys grasping at any straws of an excuse they can get :lol:

the other truck was parked on top before the ford started up the hill........... and I watched it again to make sure I wasn't saying anything wrong :D

see a chevy would have just seen that other truck as a bump in the road :lol:
The other truck was moving it was about to come down. But the bronco lost control half way up not no fault in the other truck
thats just sick! my first car was a bronco ii and I could put that up on 2 wheels just making a fast corner. Just amazing that guy got it moving fast enough to counteract the roll. Very nice vid!