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Chest Rigs


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I just built a couple of chest rigs one for a buddy of mine that wanted it to use in Alaska when he is fishing up there and the other for my self to put my new STI in, I built mine to be a universal rig so it would take most semi auto pistols the are used for hunting like the Glock mod 40 I also built both rigs to allow for a holographic sight if it added to the gun

On mine I used black Latigo leather because it is resistant to getting wet from sweat or rain on the back of the rig these were first attempt to build a chest rig so what do you guys think
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Well it started out as a hobby but its starting to turn in to a little business, I love doing leather work and
there is so few people doing leather work in the South, so I keep getting request to do all kinds of things in leather
so I like a challenge to see what I can build these were my firs attempt at a chest holster, I have been doing some work for Diamondback making Key fobs and leather coozies with their company logo on them


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The reason I asked is I have a gator hide I am thinking of making some stuff out of maybe a few wallets holster who knows pm some prices if you are interested.


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I purchased one of these rigs from Sniper. After using the holster for a couple of months, I can say everything is top notch in design and function. Thanks for a great product!


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Glad to hear your happy with it and its doing what you wanted, i try real hard to put a lot of thought and quality into what I make
but input from the end user really helps me to know how its working so thanks for that


I really like the Eagle Industries chest rig, Universal/ SKD Version also and am very happy with it. Considering the price point it is a well-made rig. I know that their owner likes to play different gambling games in top online casinos like here - https://casinosranker.com/


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I have a Addler 205 sewing machine it will sew threw up to one inch of material like you said its Bad ass
here are a few more things I have made


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I prefer the Crye JPC or BlueForce Gear's LMAC for a plate/load carrier and the 03Design chest rig that is basically just for four rifle mags sold by Bravo Company. Unfortunately, allowing these to exceed your budget requirements.

There are a few other good companies, but all are pricey. It's important to have a solid set up, so this is an area I wouldn't skimp. I'd save up a title longer and buy quality. It sounds like you could get by with the BCM mag carrier if you're willing to carry an extra rifle mag and a couple pistol mags on your belt.

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