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Chevy 307 - Need info


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A buddy of mine know someone who is selling a a project boat never finished.....Hull and cage are in great shape as well as trailer (as far as pictures show ) the guy wants 1500 for whole package including 307 motor without stand and i am not sure if he has a prop adaptor on it or not.....Pictures look like this guy did a fresh rebuild

I personally know nothing about chevy 307 motors.....I am more interest in the hull than anything but the guy will only do a package deal.....Before I throw my money in how much do yall think i can get fore the motor if i decided to get rid....Also if i decide to keep the motor is that a good motor for an airboat???
FQ what kind of hull, is it the red one on airboattrader and if you get rid of motor what are you going to put on it
A 307 isn't worth much. There's not a real performance application and the blocks are thin castings.

They are a marginally better engine than a 305 because they have slightly larger bores allowing bigger valves and better breathing. Their shorter stroke gives them a slight RPM advantage also.

Not a great airboat engine.

You could probably sell it to someone who needs a work truck engine for a few hundred bucks depending on the condition.