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Child Run Over By Airboat


A child was thrown from an airboat and run over on Friday morning in Seminole County.

The child has been airlifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center and officials said he is badly injured, WESH 2 News reported.

It happened on the shores of Lake Harney at the Jolly Gator Fish Camp in Geneva on state Road 46. The 6-year-old boy and his family were on an airboat tour when the boat apparently hit a sandbar, which caused the boy to fall overboard.

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A Georgia child died after he was thrown from an airboat and run over on Friday morning in Seminole County.

The child was airlifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center and he was pronounced dead at 11:53 a.m., WESH 2 News reported.

It happened on the shores of Lake Harney at the Jolly Gator Fish Camp in Geneva on state Road 46. The 7-year-old boy and his family, who were visiting from Georgia, were on an airboat tour when the boat apparently hit a sandbar, which caused the boy to fall overboard.

The boy landed on the mud spot or sandbar and the airboat ran over him. Airboats usually weigh about 3,000 pounds.

The boy has been identified as Vincent Rutowski.

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This one came from here: http://www.wesh.com/news/9346817/detail.html
That is indeed a shame. I overheard one of the AB operators there one morning not long ago. He seemed to be competent although misinformed about what prop speed required from his rig was. he was playin up the good ole boy routine quite well for the tourist he was bringing in from the ride. I din't notice any reckless operation on his part. Just a shame.
I just watched it on the news it was an accident the captain has had his license for over 30 years with no incidence's the boat hit a patch of mud and the young boy flew forward and was run over by the tour boat with 7 people on board he died at the hospital from the injuries. it is very sad may our prayers go out to the families
You are right. This is a sad and tragic event. The loss of life, especially a child, will alway cut deep. However, very few people were on the scene of the accident. Let he who has not sin, cast the first stone. I have been on the river my whole life. Lone Cabage, Midway, or Jolly, I have never seen a tour boat Captain operate a vessel in a dangerous manner. Don't forget the "Captain" of 30 yrs is probably feeling pretty poorly. Lets give it some time before we start pointing the finger.

Also, I have looked at over 1,000 airboats. I have only seen "1" with seat belts. The guy put them on last month after his Dad fell out of the seat while hitting the hill. 999 of 1000 airboat owner perfer not to have seat beats. Can't bail out if the boat flips!

Again, my heart goes out the family and those involved.
There is MORE to this story than we know yet. I know this captain, he is a good man and most certainly in need of our thoughts and prayers as is the family of this child. Bruce has an impeccible record, and knows these waters well, even at the low water mark that currently exists. Just goes to show how quickly things can/will change.

Hope this reinforces to us all the brevity of life. None of us has any idea of when OUR time might come, or when we might find ourselves in a similar situation! My heart is aching for all involved in this tragic accident. It is sad that this tragedy involves a sport I love so dearly, I hope that Airboat Safety and Training will become a part of all of our lives if not now, in the very near future.

Lauren Brown
Anyone who says they never hit a mud bar and werent thrown forward is either lying or havent run an airboat long at all in backcountry or low water conditions. i feel sorry for everyone involved. A disaster. Charles
Thoughts and prayers go out to the family and the captain as well.

I am sure that the capt. had been by that spot a million times and if he thought there was a chance of anything, he would have compensated for it. With this drought going on these mud flats can appear overnight. This is a tragic accident, and I feel for all involved. I cannot imagine the pain those involved are going thru. Sooooo sorry this happened.
Your right basketcase it could happen to any of us the way the water is dropping. I know Captian Bruce well and he did not plan any body getting hurting. Nobody does it's on purpose it's terrible time for any family. I've been out and had close calls to scare me,and i can just amagine what happen out there . School bus drivers get in recks every day. My point is its a traggic and it was not a plan. My prayers are with the family from GA.and Capt.Bruce. GOD BLESS
Bruce is the Captain that was involved in the accident. He is a wonderful and well experienced Captain. Our prayers go out to him and the childs family.
Prayers to the family and words of support and kindness to the Captain. Things happen for a reason, so I have been told. It is not for us to question, only to offer support and to be there when needed. There are no words on this earth that will take away the feelings the family and Bruce are experiencing. Just know that the SA family is here for you.

Hello all, this is Tim Bryson owner of Bryson's Airboat Tours in Fremont, NE.

For any insident that happens out on the water is should be a learning curve for all of us to look at. We all have ran airboat's for many years, as safe as we all try to be something can happen at anytime and anyplace even if we have been there a hundred times.

Everytime I or one of my Drivers go out we see a new log under the water that we didn't know was there or maybe a drop of on a sandbar that can throw the boat off sideways, or sand that is sticker than normal.

Treat every time out on the water as your first time. Remember how curtiest you were to other boaters and people around you. Thats the way we need to be at all times.

I cannot imagine what that Captain is think everyday since the accident.

What we can do is let him know that we still trust him. Things happen out there that only the Captain will ever know about.