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Circle h hulls Information


I'm looking on buying a circle H12 foot cut down aircraft hull I'm wondering how they ride in the water In my biggest concern is if they Crow hop Any information would be appreciated thanks
if that is the Circle H hulls from Alabama my buddy has a 12 footer with poly and it is a really good hull, runs fine no hop no trim tab ...but it is not cut down and has a DD carmotor on it though
I drove one on the Pea River. No issues after fine tune on the transom lip. Road flat and slid through turns. Fun little hull.
It is a great all around hull, does excellant in the water IMO. I like mine, I did have to adjust the transom tab after some hard dry running but still does not porpoise and no trim tab. I have only had it crow hop 2 times in the 2 years Ive had it due to conditions and/or speed I was running. They slide nice, at least mine does
Mine is a battleship circle h hull and their quality and craftsmenship are excellent. So while I can't say how their small hiulls perform, I can say the big girl they built me is bad ass

You want a hull that rides free, free = porpoising. Tune out the hop with either a trim tab, bending the back down slightly or prop angle.. Every boat needs to get tuned to run its best
Aeon said:
You want a hull that rides free, free = porpoising.
With NO intention to be argumentative, but rather, to clarify for any newbies that may read this later . . .
The above statement is a blatant misstatement of the fact of the mater (although I'm sure not intentional).
This reads as though it is desirable to have a porpoising hull. This is generally, if not always, NOT the case.

The second post in this thread describes running 'free' vs 'porpoising' where hull tuning is concerned:

*While some people here may be justifiably tired of seeing this thread, it's still good information that is appropriate here.
With a recurring theme (and this is one), it is much easier/quicker to copy/paste
old/existing information than to start from scratch every the same subject pops up.

Aeon said:
Tune out the hop with either a trim tab, bending the back down slightly or prop angle...
This statement will pan out as true as long as the bottom is close enough to being straight, flat and true.
Otherwise, achieving those condition(s) may well be a prerequisite to attaining the desired results via these means.

Often times, a trim tab can and will correct/address the problem via the least time consuming and
most cost effective means when, and if, the bottom is close enough to being straight, flat, and true.

It is my opinion (and as such, possibly worth nothing), that a trim tab could be perceived as
a band-aid that addresses/masks the symptom(s) rather than the root cause of the problem.
Misstatement might be a bit far lol I agree 100% with the link you posted.you did see the part where I said tune out the hop right?...

Got a 12 ft w/rake 1/4 in polly riveted, nice riding hull. Tune with the back tab. Circle H are good people, honest, work with you.