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Clean up this, Clean up that


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Thank God for the majority of us that keep our area's clean. As for the few that feel they can leave there trash behind for others to clean up, "its time to grow up". They will be the first to complain when an area gets shut down, "when they are the cause" !
As for the rest of us, we'll just keep doing whats right and be RESPECTFUL of our resources and the people we share them with.


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I know there's a clean up this month at Corbett, and there will be plenty to haul out. I had a friend fly in with his Son last week from the great Northeast (Mass), that had always wanted to go on a buggy ride through the woods, and we did so last Wednesday (we did obey the rules and stayed on the numbered roads). We witnessed several campgrounds where recent fire pits and surrounding areas were littered with trash. They thought it was a beautiful place, but couldn't believe that locals would leave trash like that. I told them I 1st hunted there in 1967, and has has gradually gotten worse. Unfortunately, Corbett is party central when it's not hunting season. There are knuckleheads out there 365 days of the year, 4-wheeling and partying day and night, and most of them don't give a rat's behind about protecting public lands for future use. I live 4 miles from the south gate, and seldom use it just because of the knuckleheads mentioned previously.