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Silent Prop
R. I. P.
Big daddy brought out a good point in the lost boat marker thread I started. That being about cold water, winter clothes, grass etc.

Yes it gets cold enough here inflorida for hypothermia to set in quickly. We are all used to running in the summer temperatures and we put on winter clothes and boots and it is very difficult to swim then. Now I know some of the smart folks on here (jim) will post the time charts for hypothermia to set in so I am not gonna try and remember them and get it wrong.

One myth that comes up every year is " he drowned because his waders sank him" B.S. waders only take you down till they fill up. If you dont panic and just wait a minute you wont even know you have them on until you try to wade out of the water. I have been swamped while surveying with waders on many times and you just have to be patient then rember to unbuckle them and crawl out of them instead of trying to stand up and walk out on the bank.

IN THE WINTER PLEASE WEAR A PFD even if you can swim and even if you dont in the summer the winter is a whole new game. They will help keep you warm anyways while ridin or drivin so that is a plus.
I saw my daughter get into the early stages of hypothermia while waterskiing down here in the winter. She fell and I had the boat back very quickly. She was already very cold. I had to help her into the boat. She is a champion water skiier and would normally would come aboard like a seal.

SHE HAD A WET SUIT ON! Be very careful with that. We stopped skiing in the winter. It takes a dry suit to do it right.

I got an idea for you. :idea: How about winter coverall made out of wetsuit material in a Realtree camo pattern. It would be 100% wind resistant and in the event you ended up in the water it would be buoyant and could protect you from hypothermia. I can see it now. Everyone in the marsh warm as toast on the coldest day of winter wearing their Chill Buster coveralls..... :D
I've got the ultamate suit for you folks. It's the same one the Coast Guard personnel wear on the Great Lakes for hard water operations and rescue. It's the Mustang 9000 suit. One piece, dry suit with insulation and neck seal and attached booties. I got one last winter and wouldn't be without it... Cruising along at 10 MPH (on ice) with a temp. of 5 degrees and your still toasty warm... Life is good. I've got picture but don't know how to post them..
I was in a bad wreck on Lake Washington in my teens everybody but me died of hypothermia. I was the strongest swimmer so I swam for help. I just swam as hard and long as I could all four of us were bad ass swimmers and were born in Florida and learned how to swim at an early age. My several layers of cloths, cowboy boots and blue jeans almost drowned me so I stripped completely down so I could swim faster I actually removed my PFD because it drastically slowed me down while swimming for help. I simply strapped it on top of my head just incase I needed it later. I swam several miles in 18 degree weather. Our luck it was one of the coldest day’s ever in Melbourne. Several doctors stated I should have died of exposure but they believed placing the PFD on my head helped maintain my body heat enough to sustain life because when your in water most of your body heat escapes thru your head.
Cold weather riding is about 9 mounts out of the year here in Michigan Mustang Suit is the best way to go but they are not cheep. But they are worth every penny. Also take extra clothes in a trash bag so they stay dry. It is easier to remove extra clothes than it is to SHIVER ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE TRUCK.
Hey Ron,
That time of year is just around the corner.. No jet skis, no fishing boats, no pontoon boats and no speed boats. Just 15 degrees and wide open waterways.. I can hardly wait!! I DO really feel bad that the rest of the Southern Airboater folks can't experience the joy we have up here with sub zero weather.... Life is great!!
Hmmm I sense a gold mine here!! How about we start a airboat tour only during cold weather. I'm SURE all the Southern Airboaters would love to travel 24 hours to freeze their *** off and pay for it too!!! I can smell the money already........
Swamp, I'd like to try it sometime, but I'd be goin it alone ...... my wife says that "anything below 50 deg. is unnecessary" :lol:

Thank you.. :D :D I take that as a complement.. :lol:
We have NO:
lizzards with really BIG teeth
Poisonous snakes (that like to use it!!)
Cockroaches the size of small airboats
Humidity that defies physics.

And you call us crazy?? :p :p
Take care and be safe.
Bigkavr .... It just occured to me that when you guys get out and play on the ice and snow, one thing you DON'T have to worry about is sinkin' the boat.
I LIKE that :lol:

Have fun this Winter, and be safe.


PS ..
What kind of oil do you guys run in really cold weather?
Big Feather,
This may be hard to believe, but running on ice does NOT exclude one from doing something stupid and sinking the airboat. (been there, almost done that!!) Ice is by far the nastiest, most vicious and hull rendering media that an airboat could ever travel in or on.. It's concrete that's alive!! :twisted:
Not trying to scare anyone, but traveling on ice can be one of the most beautiful experiences you'll ever have on a airboat. And then, in the blink of an eye, all hell can break loose. Ice is alive, and as such, is ALWAYS changing and thinking up ways to "attack" the pesky airboats that are traveling upon it.... :wink:
Some of the most beautiful sights and times I've had have been on ice and snow. Sadly, some of the scariest and sadest times have also been on ice.. Such is life.

For oil, I use AMSOIL 15/40 Diesel/Marine, year round.
If I have a callout where the temp is below freezing and I've got to trailer the airboat for more than a 10 minute drive, I just start it up and let it idle while trailering down the road. I get some funny looks from other drivers, but the aluminum headded big block sure thanks me for being warmed up before being deployed. :D
Take care and be safe.