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Communication Headphone Recommendations


Hi all, New to Airboating. We just got a used Diamondback 18x8 and will be using it for Ice fishing, bow fishing and duck hunting on Saginaw Bay.

We're looking into some headphones for communication as well as ear protection and wondering if there are any recommendations.

I'll try to search also but my experience with searches on other forums many times doesn't have the best current info.

Thanks for any advise.


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I have a set of Sampson Racing Equipment, have used them for the last four years, wireless good range, have even used between two boats, customer support is excellent.


Thanks for the reply, I did run across them while searching and am looking at their products as well as some of the SENA sets by a member on here.


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Hello skorpyd,
Welcome to Southern Airboat site.
If you would like you can go to my web site and see the 2 versions of Sena that I have available. One set is $500 the other is $700. This price is for 2 headsets. I am a Sena Authorized distributor and therefore would be who you would go through to handle any warranty work that you may need. If you have any questions please email me or give me a call. You can also search Southern Airboat and ask some of my customers what their opinion is. My phone and email is on my website.

Boat safe out there.


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X2 on the Sampson racing headsets. That are pricey but quality is matched period! Setcom, Sonetics and Sampson are the best quality you are going to find but are the most expensive. There are other cheaper options but they look ridiculous with all the controls hanging out off one side.