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Continental 0300 super charged


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Any body ever seen or heard of this? There a listing a AB trader list this motor. I would like some info.
I have heard of after market super chargers being put on boats . Thats a whole new realm for me want one though :)
What about a 0300 continental does that sound right? The guy who is selling it says that the oil preasure is 7psi at hot idle, is that too low?
Yeah thats pretty low my boat runs 65 lbs hot idle ever since I finished the break in process 7 lbs sounds low
The O-300 is only 145 horse power and no amount of boost is going to get it up to a big displacement engine. 7 psi oil pressure means the engine is shot. I wouldn't take it if it was given to me free.
Call him up and ask about the oil pressure. Could of been a typo. Or the guy can just be honest :)
coulda meant a 300hp. engine like a 0-520 or 0-550.coulda been a derivitive super charged on a plane.but oil psi sounds bad