Continental 470 engine


A guy will sell his old Cessna 182 Continental O-479-L engine

Says he has logbooks, 1541 hours on it, not a prop strike, 41 hours over the 1500 hour TBO, and wants 8800 bucks for the complete engine

Would you put in fresh rings and lap the valves or overhaul the thing for a reliable sled

Should I go to San Diego for it

Maybe call him 619-394-7575 and ask if he’ll deliver it
Not too bad of a price if it comes with magnetos and carburetor.
If pulling it apart to clean up all the lead deposits, a proper valve job, inspect lower end, re-ring, go the extra bit and put in a set of 10:1 forged pistons, ditch the aircraft starter, get a kit from innovative accessories, starter, bracket, flywheel, alternator, and you will need headers from there as well.