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Continental IO-360 Oil Temp

I have a IO-360 Continental and I'm wondering if anyone has had issues with the oil temp? The oil cooler is mounted on the side of the motor and the air would have to flow from btm to top or top to bottom. Has anyone had any luck with a external oil cooler or maybe a small radiator fan. I've searched the forums already and haven't found many posts talking about this. Any help is appreciated!!!

After about a hour of cruising stopping a few times down to idling it was around 240-250 degrees after it warmed up. Idling it was cool back down to 220 degrees.
Maxcraft409 welcome to SA!

Is this a new issue with high temps? Have you confirmed your temp gauge is correct? Most of us AC guys run a remote oil cooler near the prop for better air flow & cooling. Have you changed oil, checked vernatherm and screen?

Maxcraft409 said:
The oil cooler is mounted on the side of the motor and the air would have to flow from btm to top or top to bottom.

You answered your question yourself. Look in the Aviation section of the forum for manuals, I am pretty sure that Motor has porting for an external cooler. You can leave the one you have or blank it off, but put a cooler in the airflow on the prop inlet and you will probably be good.
Ok I am going to try and locate where the oil ports are. Every other engine I have messed with had the inlet and outlet oil ports already. Sunday was my first day to run this motor, So Im still trying to get everything lined out.
At the temps you described your oil has been compromised. Viscosity of oil goes south quickly after 210 degrees. Recommend changing oil as well as mounting cooler in correct location befor running.
The engine in the aircraft has baffles attached o it to essentially ram air through the oil cooler. They typically run hot on airboats because nothing ducts air to the cooler. You can remove the cooler and make a plate that separates the flow out from the flow back into the engine. Then you can run through an external oil cooler. However nothing is that simple. Once you get the cooler off you will notice the vernitherm attached to the housing that the cooler is attached to. Which also is your front right engine mount. You can weld up the the hole to your vernitherm and it will run through your cooler all the time. Unfortunately this will change oil flow which in turn will change oil pressure. I put an in line needle valve on the outlet of the engine and feathered the oil flow to find the best flow through the cooler for acceptable temps and also have good oil pressure as well. The more you open the valve the cooler the engine but the lower the oil pressure. The more closed the valve is then the opposite happens. I hope this helps.