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Continental noise


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I was able to get a piston and all the parts I need.
Is there anything special to do for the break in other then run it hard?
Anything special to do when I hone it?


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I was able to get a piston and all the parts I need.
You never stated what the old piston measured nor confirmed what the bore of that specific cylinder is (at least that I saw).
This is something John eluded to earlier, and for good reason.
I also, would caution you to NOT assume that everything is as factory intended or meant for it to be.
This is something that old Cadillacs and GPUs have in common: you don't know who did what when or what they used when they did it.

The prudent thing to do (and may well be what you did) would be to have the new piston match the cylinder, NOT the old piston.
The best way to confirm what piston you actually need, is to measure the bore of the cylinder it is going to live in.
I've seen this type scenario happen repeatedly with old Cadillacs, and am simply not wanting to see you commit such a needless oops.


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I bought both the piston and jug to jurnigans. He was able to match one up.
Could have saved some huntin' and peckin' had I realized that. Still . . . .
It's always a good thing when a cautionary tale ends up not being applicable.