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Cooter Concerns



Florida FWC Seeks Assistance In Turtle Die-Off Mystery

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is seeking the public's help in trying to determine why Florida soft-shelled and river cooter turtles have been dying in the state during the last year. The FWC first received reports of the sick and dead turtles in March 2018, in the St. Johns River.

The FWC is asking the general public to:

Report sightings of sick or dead turtles to the FWC by calling: 352-339-8597 or through the FWC Reporter App (available on Apple's and Android app stores). Photos can be uploaded via the Reporter App and will aid researchers in turtle species identification and condition.
Do not touch or attempt to move sick turtles.
To avoid spreading the virus, do not capture, transport or release freshwater turtles, even those that appear healthy, to new locations.
Do not eat turtles that appear sick or unhealthy
According to News4Jax, 300 sick or dead turtles have since been reported along the St. Johns River and and other bodies of water up to Cocoa Beach.

Been seeing this for 2yrs in a row ...lived on this river damn near all my life & never have I seen softshells die off like this.. plenty of fish yeah but not turtles.. been wanting to catch a couple to eat but haven't because of this