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Cornmeal & pork

glades cat

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Hogs eat corn, right?….what a perfect combination to cook them together.
Here's an old country recipe (that means poor folk food) that'll satisfy the heartiest appetite.
Grandma taught me this one too.

You can use fresh pork chunks or leftover pork roast that's already tender (save the juices). Loin, Boston Butt, shoulder, leg roast, etc.
If fresh pork, cook until tender. I prefer using leftovers…tender and tasty.
I use coarse yellow corn meal.

1 onion, 1 green pepper, 5 garlic cloves - sautee 'till tender.
1/2 cup of tomato sauce or puree
1/2 cup of white wine or beer if you like - heck, put a whole cup.
2 T Complete seasoning
1/2 t Cumin
1 t salt, to taste.
black pepper
roast pork drippings
Make a sauce combining these ingredients-cook for 30 min. on med-low

add yellow corn meal (coarse) 2-3 cups - it grows quite a bit
add enough water - 3 cups for every cup of corn meal - you can add more as it thickens.
add 1 can of corn (creamed or regular) - you can pulse it in the food processor it if you like to chop it up.
add chunks of pork - 2-3 cups of meat - don't be shy.

Cook on med-low, stirring almost constantly (don't want it to stick & burn)-for about 30-40 min. until corn meal is tender.
It's grits, be patient and stir on low. Blub, Blub.
If too thick - add water as needed.

It's better than swill. :lol:

Olf Art

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R. I. P.
Man, that sounds delicious. When you say to cook fresh pork until tender, how do you suggest doing that?
Kinda like a Hobo stew, but with great seasonings. I'll try it!

glades cat

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Yea, you can tenderize the pork by cooking it in the sauce before adding the corn meal. Put a cup or two of water to cover the pork chunks. About an hour or so should do it ('till tender).
It's all about the sauce…always is. Flavor it well 'cause the corn meal will soak it up good. You can doctor up this recipe to your liking. Sausage instead of pork chunks, different spices like Everglades Seasoning, etc…
If ya know grits, the one thing you gotta watch is sticking to the bottom and burning. Stir that pot 'till it's done. :stirpot:
Anyone complain about not having a recipe for leftover grits?
After this meal sets up in the fridge over night, the next day you can slice it and pan fry it in butter (like polenta). A dash 'o hot sauce & saltine crackers...

Olf Art

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R. I. P.
Only someone from the South can appreciate the importance of corn meal in our diet .... there's been many a morning that youngins went off to school with a couple of simple little fried corn meal cakes and a little cane syrup or honey for breakfast, and a big pone of cornbread baked in an iron skillet is next to the best thing on earth.
I wouldn't know how to fry up a mess of specks without some to roll 'em in.

I just put some pintos in a pot to soak overnight, and tomorrow evening my little squaw and I are gonna have beans, sliced and fried taters, and some of those pan fried cornmeal cakes for supper. Life is good! :)