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Couple of pics of steering handles


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I went and bought some solid copper and stainless and aluminum to see what kind of handles I could make. The copper turned out pretty nice but is pretty heavy, the aluminum is a whole lot easier to work with and doesn't wear out the lathe tools. The largest solid copper one took 3 hours to make. Might take some to the boat shop and leave on consignment. Anyway I would like your opinions good or bad. I really want to try and make a handle like an old pull wagon handle, with sides and a cross bar with knurling and stuff, just haven't tackle that yet. I have a small machine shop with plasma, mill, lathe, welder,and brake, so I just need to try it. Thanx for ya'lls input. Later Cajun


I think they look preety good in fact I like to get the copper one on the end I think it would fit in the top of my handle just like it is.
Whats the inside dia. ? Is it 1" conduit outside dia.? I'm right here in Masaryktown, whats your address and what time will you be home? Maybe I can swing by and we will check it out. Later Cajun
Thats food for thought, I just don't think I'm that good. I might try something like that one day. I would think the blade would need to be out of stainless, and that stuffs not cheap, so one mess up and that could be costly. Thanx for the input. Cajun
cajun ya mean thats moodfood for thought :lol: mood you would have to modify your horn to whistle dixie if you had one of them steerin swords !! cajun thats some bling very nice , is the left side of the picture the top ??
Cajun them some pretty cool looking handles. Couple years back I found an old piece of billett Alum. at a garage sale,guy was just going to throw it away so I gave him a couple $ for it but being that I don't have axcess to any eqipment to do anything with it, you want it? Figure you can make at least 3 if not 4 handle out of it. shoot me an e-mail at safariric1@aol (tell me its you in the subject line) and I'll see if I can dig it up.
Croc1, yea the top pic , the left side is the top. Croc, is that short for Crocket? or crocodile? Just curious, the boat I have use to belong to a guy name Crocket with a wrecker and repair shop in Land-O-Lakes . Later Cajun
Thanx, I'm gonna play with this idea for a while and see what I can come up with. The gator equipment stuff has slowed down since the season and almost all the boats I see either in the magazines or in person has close to the same thing for their steering rod. Some of these folks have a ton of $$$$ tied up in their machines and maybe a nice machined handle might just add that little touch. I did have one fellow tell me that the ones that have alittle weight to them ( solid copper, brass, or stainless ) makes the steering easier if its alittle stiff. I haven't weighed the big ones but I would guess they weigh 2 lbs. Anyway thanx for your input. I'll post anything I come up with that might be of some interest. Might even post some of the screw ups while trying to get the finished product.LOL. Later Cajun
heck yeah i bet if I put them on my boat it would make it ride out and root !! :roll: :roll: :roll:
I'm guessing right now, but the aluminum ones counting the materials and time would probably run about $35-$40 the copper $50-$60 , solid copper rod 1 1/4" thick isn't cheap if you can find it. Stainless eats up alot more tool bits so I would say its gonna be right up there close to the copper. Give me alittle more time, I am trying to find some different lathe bits so I can try to put a rounded ball on top, alot of folks ride with their palm on the top, if I can figure that out it should make for a nice feel. Thanx for all ya'lls input. Later Cajun
you can sign me up for a round top aluminum handle, if you pm me your info ill put a check in the mail
Cajun came by the house today and showed me the handles today they look great. Hope to have mine before the Turkey run.
Well I thought that was a private joke here at the shop between me and the wife, you ought to see them before I do the knurling on them. If you don't fasten them solid, you could always pull em out for a hard fist in a scuffle too.

Well I just got thru with A1mudpuppy's, its solid copper and a tad bigger than the one he liked, but he has big ole hands so it ought to feel pretty good.

Another thing , ya'll mount these things on your boats and the women get a feel of them, ya'll never will get to drive.LOL.

Ok, enough, ya'll have a great night. Later, Cajun
cajun its short for crocodile I have spent a bit of time runnin around Australia and I am facinated with them they are 10 times an gator from what I have seen