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Crooked Lake


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Anybody know anything about Crooked Lake in Lake Wales? I'm planning to get down there some time and wanted to see if anyone knows the lake or knows of any airboat rules or ordinances.
I've run that lake several times. There is a 10 o'clock curfew if I remember correctly but it could be earlier. The shoreline is loaded with stumps, some visible and some slightly submerged. I really didn't care for the stumps and haven't been back.

JDotson is right. 10 oclock curfew, (any lake in Polk county/cept for Friday and Saturday night I believe it changes to 11).

Ran Crooked lake last month. You put in down on the South end at the public boat ramp. Lots of fishin holes and some neat/adventurous riding on the Southernmost end of the lake, (lots/did I say lots? of stumps everywhere)!
The northern end isn't very good riding, (lots of "high dollar" housing and lots of deep water).

The ramp is a nice gradual sloping ramp, might want to get there early.
Hope this helps.

Thanks fellers. I'm looking for ducks down there primarily. Sounds like they better be on the south end!
ditto on what basket said

did find some duck hunters on the south east corner a few years ago. they got a little POed when we run the decoys over. but if they would have had a flag 10' from the bottom of the boat we would have seen them. :shock:
Problem is Uncle Bubba, if you can see them, so can the ducks.

I don't much care if you run over my decoys - they float. But, if you do, you should at least stop by for a cup of coffee.