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Custom Rake..


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Hey guys, quick question...

Where in the Miami/FTL area can I get a Custom Rake assembled and installed on my airboat?


Cloninger Airboats
305 246 8156 Homestead

Don Davis

Wardaddy Airboats
954 553 2803 Davie

Spider Airboats Benny Webb
Opa Locka Airport

I will get the #'s for Don Davis and Benny Webb and post them Thursday

WestSide airboats, (Glen) does some mighty fine work!

He's a member here on S.A. not sure of his phone numbers.

What kind of boat do you got?
What kind of rake are you lookin' for?
It might be easier/cheaper to get it from a major manufacturer.
Thanks for the info guys... I just purchased an 11 x6 Trailmaster Glass hull w/a 150 Lycoming..

I will take some picks soon of the boat and of the Rake in mind...

Thanks again