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Customer Service!!!

Florida Cracker

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Today I had the pleasure of meeting Wade of Airboats Inc. (Hamant). I took my boat by their place after going to the original manufacturer to have the poly evaluated for a couple of bubbles and a tear as well some significant cupping between the T bars. I asked the service manager how this much wear/damage might have occurred on a boat that doesn't do that much running dry. He stated that he wasn't sure, but it could be that the poly was not hot enough when installed (now they take their boats outside to when installing poly) or the material could have been inferior in the first place, or simply I run more dry than I think. When I was quoted the price of repair, I was amazed. It was well out of my reach financially. And when I told my wife :evil: . The owner said that since I wasn't the original purchaser, there really wasn't any warranty issue either. This frustrated me somewhat, as another principal with company had told me when I purchased the boat after their inspection, they would treat me as the original purchaser. The boat was about 7mths old when purchased with 25 hours. I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised, as this same person had told me that they would buy the original rake and guard back and credit the amount to upgrades I made. The owner that quoted today's price put the halt to that idea and no credit was issued. Anyway, I digress. When I went by Airboats Inc., Wade looked at the situation and determined that a repair to could be made and did so in about 15 minutes. He also quoted a replacement price which was much more doable. You can believe that he has me as a future customer. I truly appreciated his attention and fairness and would encourage you to contact them for your future needs.

John ,
glad to hear yo found someone you where happy with, I think most of us have to look for the best price but I know at least with me good customer service is a huge deal. Also I guess I am old fusion but I personally think if I tell someone (or someone tells e) that they will do something like with your rake I expect it to be done just like agreed earlier.

did you happen to get a look at John C's boat when you where there was think it should be about ready :?:
Glad it turned out great for you. Wade is a great guy and will do anything to help out.