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Cyclone airprops

midnight rider

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Does anyone run one of these props? I keep hearing about them but have never seen one. Does anyone know of a website or have any pics of one?
They look pretty much like a whirl wind, same hub and all. I know a couple people who run them, but didnt really like them. It is Leroy Knowles design when he still had AIR PROPS INC. but after he shut down he sold the composite design to Super Dave, which now has a shop in Haines City on Kokomo road. I'd look into a Sensnich, WaterWalker, or Terminator. I compared the Cyclone to the terminator and the terminator out preformed the cyclone is everything. Just my opinion though.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the people you're speaking of someone who attempted to put a 70" Cyclone on a 4 cylinder engine to increase the snap. They were told prior to purchasing the props that they were to big for the motors.

Here's why I went with a Cyclone prop:

1) Cyclone props are waterproof & water tight. After the hurricanes of 2004/2005 several of my running partners had water inside thier props & they had to be returned.

The Cyclone props require no silicone or gasket sealer around the hubs.

2) There has been no cracked cranks from harmonic vibration like some of the other brands.

3) There has been no recall on the Cyclone props like some of the other brands.

4) If you have belts to change, the pitch doesn't have to be reset. The bolts that adjust the pitch are different from the mounting bolts.

5) The price is several hundred dollars cheaper than some of the other comparable prop brands.

I first ran the prop on my 220 & I saw a 20 degree temp drop over my wooden paddle prop.

When I moved up to an 0540 last season, all I did was change the pitch w/o buying a new prop.

Bottom line, I think we all know that matching whatever prop you buy to the correct application is paramount.

Most of the prop manufactuers make a great product.

I think some folks just get caught up in massive advertising campaigns & may end up with something that doesn'tr always perform like they say it should.

Sometimes the little guy with no advertising budget just makes a better mouse trap!!!
I would have to agree with Predator.I think they are like the term. prop I had one for a little while on my 520 tried a power shift and sold it never looked back.It didn't perform anything like my power shift.I have heard the sench q series out performs the power shift ,but have yet to see it.Cheap isn't always your best bet.
Sensenich has been in the bussiness since 1932, ( http://www2.sensenich.com/misc/history.htm ) I'm running the new Q blade and I love it. I've run a lot of props in my time and I like this one the best.

A word of advice, I wouldn't buy anything from Dave's Airparts, just ask anyone on the lake that has had work done by him. JMO
Ive never had any bad dealings with Dave he has helped me out a couple of times.Never done wrong I know some that have ,but that's there dealings don't know details.I deal with JR mostly.Never run a sench wouldn't mind trying one to compare the two though
Cont520, If you are ever up this way we could swap blades. I have never tried a powershift. I think the hubs are interchangeable
Capt. Jeff

The blades cant be water tight, I know a guy who had one on an 0540 and he had to get 2 different sets of blades b/c of water in the blades. I am not putting down any manufacters prop, but just stating what I think. As long as you like it, thats all that matters.
Planning on it Dave. Probably gonna have a 3-blade h-series on my boat. I think I finally worked a deal out w/ a guy. Bout damn time. Me and Little Bobby(Predator) are planning on coming up, as long as we hear its actually gonna happen.
Cracker0320":2ukgje7i said:
A word of advice, I wouldn't buy anything from Dave's Airparts, just ask anyone on the lake that has had work done by him. JMO

Got any names of these folks Cracker that you'd like to share?

It's funny how someone knows someone who knows someone that did someone else wrong. :roll:

When I got my fisrt boat & was looking for a mechanic, several of the Melbourne Crew told me that Dave was worth the 45 minute drive west of town.

All I can say is that when I hung out my shingle years ago he (Dave) was there for me. If I had a problem, he's drop what he was doing & told me to bring it right over. If I was short on cash, he's carry me over till the next trip.

If Dave was that poor of a mechanic & business man, SJRWMD wouldn't have then building all their replacement 0540's.

I know Super Dave is a big boy & can take care of himself but I think it's shi!!y to trash a guy & his business over apperant personal issues. :x

Capt Jeff Kraynik
The Coastal Sportsmen
Capt. Jeff

I like Dave he has never done me wrong, but I do know people he has done wrong, and Cracker being on of them, thats why he says what he says. I know 2 540s he built and both of them had to be rebuilt 1 years later, an upstack, and a angle valve. But I also know some people who have his motors and they are bad ass. Everyone even JR will mess up sometimes. Not talking bad about Dave at all, but he has screwed some people.
Hey Cracker are you done with my tubing bender you borrowed over three years ago?
i dont think dave does bad work i think its when he gets too busy and some of the kids working for him get into things and some problems have better chance of happening. he has always done me allright.