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Cylinder rings


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Hey guys, I am looking for some tips with installing rings into my cylinders. I remember an old post saying that the oil ring is suppose to be installed with the gap on the top of the piston. Is this correct? Do the position of the other rings matter? Any help will be appreciated!!!!


The book answer for the PE-150 or 220 GPU cylinder is: Space the ring gaps of each piston so that the oil control ring gap will be downward and the other two ring gaps spaced equally from it (120 degrees apart) when the piston is installed in the cylinder with its part number in the direction which will be toward the flywheel ( toward intake port of cylinders No. 1,3 and 5 and opposite intake ports N0. 2, 4 and 6).
Thanks for the advice guys...I was away from my computer for awhile, and installed the rings with the oil on top, and the other two 90 degrees out. Here is a pic after we put the cylinders back on....