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Well, I've been making my metal work. First I realized that I had set everything up without the flex plate, and a cross bar I had put in would not clear it. No problem, I dropped down on the X brace and welded in another piece so I could cut out the offending brace. Problem solved.

Now I have realized another problem. The X brace itself will not clear the oil filter! :oops:

Rather than cut everything out and start over, I figured maybe I can cut into the offending section of the X brace about half way, and weld in a piece of 1/4" flat stock.

Shouldn't cause a problem should it? I don't see any other way to fix it without wasting a lot of metal, and I'm starting to run out of 1" square stock. What do you think?
You'd compromise the strength of the "X" brace to cut into it ..... what about cutting out as much of it as you need to and then welding another piece of 1" along the side of it with good overlap. You could even angle cut the ends of the repair piece and weld them over with a little strap to
make it neater.

If you really don't want to cut the brace could you use a remote oil filter setup. They have adapters that screw on where the oil filter goes then the filter is located whever you want it, it also gives you a slight increase in oil capacity as well.

The best thing you can do is cut the back legs off and start over it only cost's less than $30.00 for a 24 ft stick of 1" square tubing that would be the smartest thing you could do. That has a lot of stress on it when your on the throttle spend the few dollars more and make it right :lol:
Red I have been not offering advice much on stuff but this one I just gotta.

CUT IT APART AND FIX IT RIGHT I have collapsed an engine stand and I can assure you it is really as bad as it sounds. and darned expensive.
Dang the luck Red :(

But after reading your 300 posts on here I've no doubt that you will get it right :)

I looked at it again today, and I have come to the conclusion that it can only be fixed correctly if I cut it all out and redo it.

I refuse to put a remote filter on there!