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December 3rd / Memorial



I think what you are doing is just fantastic, and I wanted to update you on two things.

First, One of the surviving flight attendants from EAL401 is going to come to the December 3rd event. She remembers how Mr Marquis' boat and light was "a sign of hope" that lonely night

Second, one of the lawyers from Eastern Airlines who was there that night, and still oversees the company's assets, would like to participate - especially in any effort to mount a memorial. Also, the EAL Historical Foundation is interested in participating.

Keep up the great work and I'll update you all from time to time.

Thanks for the update Peter. been waiting to hear from you. Please keep us posted on any more info.
John C
Great to hear from you again, Peter. While most of our effort over here is naturally directed toward Mr. Marquis, we're all also completely
behind any effort to try and correct the way it appears that the survivors and victims of Flt. #401 seem to have been forgotten until now.

Please keep us all posted. John C., our project manager, has my phone number if I can ever help you in any way.

Ken Johnson, "Olf Art"