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Deck Over Boat Manufactures


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Hey, I am looking for manufactures who produce deck-over aluminum airboat hulls. If anyone has information, please let me know. In addition, I am searching for pics of this type of hull. Also, if anyone has pics of this type of hull with out the deck this would be great.
Performance Airboats Inc.- Al- 407-349-1209,You wont find a faster or durable hull.I think Geneva0550 has some pics in his gallery.
Call Benny Webb. Spider Airboats (305-624-1999). He was the hull builder at my dads shop Airboat Headquarters for 20 years. He built the Yellow full deck boat and trailer that Diamondback had at the PB show. I built the motor on it.


This is the original motor that was repainted. Sorry Basket I stole a couple of your pics. Giving credit where credit is due


I believe that WestSide Airboats in Davie also builds them.

He's here on Southern airboat username West Side.

Here's another one for you to look at Gary.
They ain't making anymore of these particular boats though.

Sage fulldecks:

Scorpion Airboats in O'Brien, FLA


They make a nice product
10-4 Rich!
We sold one to a Southern Airboater.
Sometimes wish we still had her.
Thurman boat in prime shape man.
mid to late 80's hull.
steel-flex on the bottom.
I suspect it was a Thurman 180 on it.
That was one ripp'in motor.
Still is!
Swings a warpdive nowadays.

Those dudes are VERY happy with it.
Sweet boat.