Ken klotz

Good morning, I'm looking for dick Hoffman's son or daughter. I'm Dicks cousin from Indian Rocks Beach, 75 years old. I was raised with dick in Okeechobee at the restaurant every summer as a kid and later in largo. I would like to talk and meet . If answered, please send a ph # of e-mail . Who is with us today, Buddy Bradshaw. , uncle Dan?. Your mom ?.
I met Dick back around 1981 when he was in Tarpon Springs. My friend and coworker Jim Haynes raced Sprint cars and we went over to Dicks shop to get some help with an engine build.

Jim died in 1985 in a World of Outlaws race out west. A boyhood friend of mine was also very close with Dick and raced with him all over Florida.

Friends of mine own Dicks old airboat camp on the island.

Hopefully you will hear from family soon.
Dick had a brother who I met at Dicks funeral, wonder if he is still around? Possibly Dicks wife, Jeanette? Or maybe son, Bobby.