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Different hulls


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Ok bought a cotton mouth with rigging and all but don't wanna rebuild paint and gel whole boat over plus do over what rigging is there ...so gonna buy a new hull and make new rigging..have 6.0 goin in it..cotton mouths are not being made at moment ..taled to big o already and laser ..but there are different types of lasers with more a square nose not round and same with big o .and gillie rivermasters Also..freedom craft .what's the lightest and who has phone numbers. Please post as I'm ready to buy.. so confused driving me nuts over here ..want to be 13ft ish
Ricochet - Lorne Hooker 863-855-0425
Woods & Water - Paul Jackson 863-287-2069
Jimmy White
Marty Bray
Outlaw 321-288-1445
Predator - Bobby 863-557-0098

use the search function for other numbers :salute:
If I were looking for a fiberglass hull this would be my list
All other them build a hull that would handle a 6.0 but each hull drives a little different in my opinion.
Havik - Woods & Water - Paul Jackson 863-287-2069
Marsh Master - Jimmy White
Ricochet - Lorne Hooker 863-855-0425
Marty Bray also can make a matching fiberglass rake
I love my 1989 stossel hull runs the hill with my 170av and I’m not a small person by any means


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2020 Ricochet 14' Vac bagged/ infused hull.. About as light as you're going to get in my opinion.