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Direct drive Cadillac prop NGH or Q?


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BluByU2 said:
MTtank...I'm running a 14 x 8 Jimmy White with quickslick, and the engine is a Buddy Branch series 2 model. It's bored .040 over to 509 cu. in., and it is cammed to hit the top of the torque curve at 2900 rpm. Compression ratio is 9.7 to 1. I've got the pitch on the prop set at a little less than "3". It's only been in the water three times, and I haven't had a chance to open it up on the water yet because of a minor porpoising problem I've been working on. I've made some adjustments, and I can't wait to see how it does next time out.
bluby i have the same hull as you ,i havent had any porpoise problem yet which may not be a good thing, lots of people say if it bucks a little your real close to having it really free, i cant say, if you dont mind how far forward from transom is your rear legs mine is dual rear driver caddy dd, also what prop you spinning?


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MTtank...my rear legs are 12" from the transom measured at the top of the stringers, and I'm using a 2 blade, 74" NGH prop. I just about solved the porpoising problem by adjusting my engine angle, but it wasn't quite enough, and I don't want to angle it anymore, so I decided to move my gas tank from under the engine to in front of the front legs (under the rear seat). This is the same set-up I had on my previous two boats, neither of which porpoised at all, but proof will be in the running.


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http://youtu.be/FiAWu0LFHvE This is my caddy with the 74in 2bld "Q". My motor has a RV cam (don't know witch one :dontknow: ) edalbrock intake with holley 500 2 barrel and a cloyes double roller timing chain, the rest is stock. I've run wood props before so can't compare to any other carbon fiber props, I am happy with the "Q" :salute:

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I have not run an NGH, but have run a 72 3 bdl H and a 72 2 bdl Q. Both are good props and have plenty of push it is just where the push starts and stops. For me I run a 14' alumitech with heavy rigging and 3/8th poly mainly because the area we fish has a lot of nasty rocks.

I usually run with 2-3 adult some heavier than others lol and fishing gear.
3 bld H stay on plane at 2100-2200 set-up to turn 2850, starts to push at 2000 and all the way to the top and beyond. Anything below 2100 and it starts to sag and fall off plane. Boat runs 40mph, amazing snap. I can run dry fine but I have to keep the prop spooled up, the best push is right at the top. With my boat the snap is what breaks me free. Blades set 2.25 you know how loud they are.

2 bld Q stay on plane at 1900-2000 set up to turn 2800, starts to push off the bottom and stops at or near 2800. With my current tune it has very little snap, which I am working on. Boat feel solid at slow speed not like it is slipping of plane with the H but controlled if that sound right. Boat runs 36mph. Runs dry at lower RPM and feather the throttle again more controlled. blades are set about 2.25 -2.5. We cruised 38 miles around Hernnado yeaterday and I did not need any ear protection, very quite until the very last bite of it power band.

I have heard some great stuff about a 2 bld NGH from Dan and saw Matry Bray with 1 and a large boat and was impressed. I personally like the smoothness of the 3 bld. So to me if the NGH pushes a little lower in the rpm band and push to the top it would be the ticket.

Need more info give me a call


Also my motor is getting tired is 8-9 year old under my ownership.


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KR23 said:
As far as NGH tips, if you break it you can cut it off and continue to run it. There are plenty of people running them.
u are correct. And we have only seen one ngh in 4 years with the tip broken and it was on a boat that rolled down a hill running. and it can be cut down and still be ran.
jimmyflfr said:
I didnt know that about the tip? They wont repair it if the tip breaks? Im not really concerned with running dry i just want a good snappy cruise prop. Thanks.
Jimmy it would be like u breaking the tip off a Q or a wood prop or any composite prop for that matter. u cant put a tip back on that's turning close to the speed of sound and be safe. u can cut it down.


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You guys have tried the ngh in two blade but how about 3 blade? Isn't the ngh very close to the H series? Because I'd like to stay with 3 blades. I doubt the 3blade ngh will be too much ? Thanks for all the replies. My buddy has a 72 two blade Q I'm going to try soon and see how I like that
I'm currently running a two blade 74" NGH on my Cadillac direct drive boat, and it will run dry with four adults. It starts moving in my back yard with 4 people at 2300 rpm. I have the pitch set to max out at about 2900, and seems to bite at about 2600 rpm. I was thinking about a Q also just to see the difference between the two types. I'm not about speed, but more about a tractor.
Blu what size boat, aluminum or fiberglass?


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I'm getting back on my boat. Got a brand new, never been on a boat sensenich Q and med hub I'm about to unload. Going gear box and 3 blade. I have it promised out, but that was 6 months ago. Have to check with him to see if he still wants it first, but if not, I will make you a deal on it


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Blu what size boat, aluminum or fiberglass?
His hull was a 14' Jimmy White hull; hence, fiberglass.
Be aware that the results he speaks of there are to be credited largely to the Branch engine build. not solely to the prop he was running.
His hull was a 14' Jimmy White hull; hence, fiberglass.
Be aware that the results he speaks of there are to be credited largely to the Branch engine build. not solely to the prop he was running.
Thanks Deano, I'm new to airboating, just trying to learn where I can.