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I forgot the directions to camp Mack, can someone refresh my memory.

Heading South From Palm Bay seems Like I took Hwy 60 W. to?
I can put you at lk cypress alot faster and then you can ride the boat over
can put you at camp mack in 1 1/2 hours from 192 and 95
CC, I'm gonna hit I-4 West So. of Daytona. How from there?

I would like to go that way Chris but I would rather follow someone out so I think I am going to just toww it to Camp Mack. I am going to drive up early in the morning. I think I will be hooked up to the boat at 8 in Grant then catch Felsmere Rd back to 95 South. I wont be all the way up in melbourne. I think it would be faster just to tow it.
GPS coords for Camp Mack:

N27' 58.676"
W81' 22.553"

From Hwy 60 turn north on 27, a short was up is Hwy 17a TURN EAST. Follow it as it bends to the left, then take a right (east) on Mammoth Groves Road. You'll come to a sharp right turn in the road, where a Left will be a road called CAMP MACK ROAD. Take it lots of miles to camp mack!

From I-4, take 27 down to Lake Wales, (you'll pass one road called 17a) TAKE THE SECOND 17a on the northern edge of Lake Wales and follow the above directions.

here is the way i go from melbourne 192 to lk cypress

Take hwy 192 towards st cloud go threw holopaw into harmony as soon as 192 goes back to 2 lanes there will be a road on the left called hickory tree turn left and fallow it for a little bit til you come to a flashing light that will be called deer run turn left and fallow it for a few miles to the next flashing light witch will be canoe creek road turn left fallow it for about 15 miles until you go over the turn pike as soon as you go over there will be a road at the bottom of the bridge turn right there will be a sign that says lake cypress fish camp 2 miles take it to the end and you will be at the boat ramp.

from there to get to camp mack looking from the ramp across the lake to your left you will see a tree line with a hole in it thats the hole in the wall run around the lake past that until you come to a canal fallow it for a little while until you come to the next lake bs hill will be on your left turn left and fallow the bank around for a while and you will pass the yacht club on the left faloow it around until you come to another canal and turn into it come down that canal for a little bit and you will see a opening on the right not the first one but the second one there will be a sign that says camp mack fallow it in and you are there

or keep going and you will be in lake kissimmee at the ridge in just a few more minutes from there if you go to the left you will find the milk bus
if you go right and fallow the bank you will go past thomas landing and keep going and you will come to pollutied waters

hope this helps some one