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Hi, I have had a couple of calls from people all over asking where to go so I thought I would post it on here.
I will put a sign out on 192 for the road so hopefully no one misses it.

From North:
Take I95 South to 192 exit. The 192 exit is the next exit after the flae market. Turn right on 192 and take that west. Just as 192 curves to the right there is a road on the left. Take that road back and you will see the Brevard County clubhouse at the end.

From South:
Take I95 north to the 192 exit. This exit is the 3rd exit after the Vero Beach exit. Turn left on 192 and go west. Just as the road curves to the right the road is on the left. Take that road to the end to the Brevard County Clubhouse.

If anyone has any questions about where to go please give me a call on my cell phone. I do work from 9:00-5:30 but I will answer you on my breaks or at lunch. The number is 321-863-3149

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Yup, when you see the St. Johns River bridge about a 1/4 mile ahead of you, you need to be in the left lane with your turn signal on. I drove by it the first time and had to turn around and come back.

If you run past the turnoff you'll cross the river, with Jolly Gator on the West bank. It's a sand road back to the clubhouse, but not far at all from 192.


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Click here to see a Large CLOSEUP aerial photo showing Camp holly area.

Keep in mind that the photo was taken while the new bridge & surrounding road was under construction. The eastbound lane of 192 was not even poured yet when this photo was taken.

At the bottom of the photo, you can see the brevard clubhouse, and how/why the turnoff for it is so far up the road. Their driveway is actually the "old 192" from WAY back, when it was just a 2 lane deck-level height bridge over the river.

I hope this helps.