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Dog Week


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Spent all of last week on the river for dog week. Posted some pics in my photo area if anyone's interested check em out.
Nice pics! Like the catch dog! What river were you all camping on? I've always enjoyed going to the bay dog trials up in Georgia. Looks like a fun way to spend a week to me! Thanks for sharing!
Very nice job by the dogs baying them up! Take any pork home? I'll have to check that area out some time, never ridden Lake Winder before. Like I said, that's my idea of an excellent time. Never owned any bay dogs, always seemed to end up with the catch variety! Love those Leopards, black-mouth Curs, and Plotts! You joining us down south this weekend??Thanks again SR!
Woods woman,Can't make it this weekend. After a week on the river I came home to a honey do list a mile long. I'm new to the whole airboat thing started the boat for the first time on new years day but I'm learning fast and I'm loveing every minute of it. By the way probable going to have a few puppy's in a few months if your interested. SAFARI RICK
I hear that! Ya'll plan on joining us on the next ride, looks like it might be Orange Lake, after the March 4th Swamp meet at GTO airboats in Ocala!

Guess I'm about dog-poor, but still a sucker for a pup! What kind of litter are you expecting!