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I have been avoiding asking but several other members felt it wasn't out of line so here goes:

If anyone would rather donate some cash to cover the shipping expenses instead of putting together a box that would be awesome as well!! $5, $10, or $20 bucks goes a long way towards getting this stuff sent off.

Last year the total shipping on the 26 boxes was about $200 or so I think (maybe more, maybe less).

If there is any excess I'll let everyone decide what to do with it here.


Does anyone plan on showing up and not riding??? If so, would you want to take the stuff to the post office that day??? Just a thought.

He's not worried about a little TP, Faron ....... this man is licensed to carry mortars if he wants to 8) .

Well, we might need a trailer.... :? :p :p

I have had several people contact me who say they want to bring LOTS of stuff. This is shaping up to be a good one. WE need to really try and get some news or radio folks out there.

Adam, we can make it happen. Most everyone will be driving a pickup so we'll see to it that the stuff gets delivered to the Post Office.

I will contact some of the locals here and see if they would like to be there. We will get them there for sure!!

I just picked up on this thread. I been working the weekend and just got home this morning. I'd like to make a contribution since I'm here and cant do much in person. How do I get it to you. Do you have any way of working a credit card, or accepting a pay pal payment?

Hey ya'll,

I believe that Olf was gonna bring some boxes. Maybe he's not gonna make it now :roll:

Has anybody else gotten any boxes?

I have 40 to 50 boxes coming.Donated from Rinker.One of SCAC members took care of that for us.SCAC Pres is picking them up on Fri night.