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Dukes of Hazzard


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Just watch the Dukes of Hazzard on CMT showed Boss Hogg and Rosco on an Airboat. I would hate to run across them two in the marsh. What a herandess crash. :shock:
Roscoe and his little fat buddy on an airboat?

Man and metal turned to mayhem!

I don't remember that episode.
It's been said before....idiots on an airboat can undo everything accomplished!! :D :D :D

I just had to throw that in there! I think that episode aired just before the one where they banned airboats in Hazzard County!!
Coy and Vance? No wonder I've never seen that one. Watching Coy and Vance is like drinking Jack and DIET Coke.
The good people of Hazzard got it done.
One episode with an airboat was all it took too!

They never could get the 69 Charger ban done though. Curiously enough.

They just learned to live with those pesky little critters, jumping active road construction sites, kickerboat fishermen on numerous narrow bodies of water, and pulling several complete circuits of the town square, while in full reverse lock power slide mode.

All of the above occurances may have been repeated several times a week.

It was just a way of life in Hazzard.
Hey, you never know who you may run into on an airboat.

Roscoe lives here in Geneva. I have not seen him, word is that he is around Ovideo in one of the dinner alot.
Darn right Imachaud!

Ya just palin meet a better class of people on an airboat. For the most part.

Roscoe's ok with me!

They might not have banned the Charger but they did adopt the double fine for speeding in a construction zone!! :D
Speaking of the Dukes & Southern things, thought I might drop this here.

HUGE Confederate Veterans' Monument in Tampa

Scroll to "Tampa Flags Across Florida" 4th link down.


With so many airboaters showing spine & proudly flying the flag for The Constitution, States Rights and Southern Independence on their boats, I thought this might be of interest.

Many of you were interested in this Veterans Memorial. It's now in the construction stage and we are seeking donations. Now is the time to donate & have your name or ancestor's name placed in granite on this Memorial which will feature the worlds largest Confederate battle flag. The memorial will abut I-75 & I-4 in Tampa and will be visible for miles in all directions!

Please don't buy into the PC version of the flag and our heritage. With the expansion of the Federal government and our loss of state sovereignty and rights, the issues that caused the war are still alive today. This is a fine way to say "Less Federal Government." and more freedom.
Please send this link far and wide.

Happy hunting,

April is "Confederate Heritage Month" in Hillsborough county, by Proclamation of the Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners, with April 26 as "Confederate Memorial Day" (still a state holiday, beleive it or not)
roscoe used to live in a subdivision called seminole woods my brother had 5 acres in there and they said he lived in there somewhere.
You know with the cast of characters we have assembled here we could almost re-make some of those old classic episodes.
Canefan as (a taller) "Boss Hog"
Moodfood as "Sherrif Roscoe P. Coltrain"
Basketcase as "Enus"
Ms. Wizard as "Miss Daisy"
Country as "Uncle Jessie"
Cowboy as "Bo Duke"
Rick as "Luke Duke"
Waterthunder as "Cooter"
Anybody know someone with a beard and mustache that can play the guitar? We need us a Waylon
"Just a good 'ol boy's........."
Coo cooo, dow. Hey we've gotta find you a Flash. I think I know some people with some Basset Hound puppies for sale.
Now that's freak'in FUNNY!

The casting roster.

Good one Brother. Wish I'd thought of that! LMAO.
UncleBubba":7r6ny6fg said:
Don't get it from Basketcase :D :D :D :D :D

Now, that's funny! :lol: (too)

Sorry Jeff. I still love ya.... and the dog too. :p

I think 'Junior' should play the role of 'Flash'.

Thanks CaneFan. :lol:

BTW: Roscoe (Jame's Best) used to keep his boat at Marina Isle Fish Camp just outside of Sanford. From what I remember, he's just a regular guy that loves his speck fishin.

click picture to go to his site.