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Dusty Brewster

RIP Dusty! :rebel:




I miss all of Dusty's aka Brewster's banter on here!!! He kept me laughing!!!! Thank you buddy! R.I.P.
The morning after My noles kicked ole Dusty's UM boys butts, I woke up early and put this on the passenger side of his truck. We drove to town for breakfast ran a few errands and everyone kept beeping yelling at us, then it dawned on him..he said what the F did you do. Had a good laugh
He was a great guy, he was the greatest story teller I have ever know, he could make me laugh until I cried, he should have written a book
The following stories are all by a guy named Dusty Brewster

The Lesbien Animal Rights Nut Who Kidnapped My Dog
Well a few years back a friend gave me a couple late season hoghuntin permits for Tosahatchee that he couldnt use, well I was glad to get them and loaded up the dogs and two buddies and headed up there. Man as soon as I got to the spot I wanted to hunt and dropped the tailgate old bones hit the ground and was workin , I no more then got the rest of the dogs trackin collars on and let them loose bones is got one squeel 'in about a 1/4 mile in , we get to him leg the hog and get the dogs off and start leash 'in them up , I look around and bones is gone again ! There must of been a pack when he caught the 1st one because as soon as he new that one was caught and handled he was gone on another one, he barked one time about a half mile in , I told my buddy to go to bones with the dogs and me and casey would drag the hog back to the truck and catch up . As me and casey were makin our way back up the trail we run in to our buddy right about were we left him , he had all the dogs but bones , I asked him what happend ? He said man dusty im soryy bro I cant find him , I walked damn near to the river and back calling him and didnt hear nothin , he quit barkin..i told him dont worry about it bones will come back to where he started the race , plus he's got a trackin collar on .. I pulled out the box and nothin !! Not nothin in any direction , we walked all the way to the river trackin and got nothin and all the way back to the truck and still nothin. Now about 2 hours has gonna by and im gettin a lil worried , we got in the truck and drove all thru tosahatchee stop' in and trackin for about 6 hours and never got a beep !! We went back up to the check station and checked to see if anybody had brought him up , nothin !! I said hell lets drive back out to hyw 50 and see if we can get a hit on him there , got the box out and stood on top my truck , nothin !! Then my cell rings , a lady ask's me if I lost a dog ? I said yes mam I sure did !! ( she say's well your never getting him back !! He's got scars all over him and a shock collar on and is skinny as a rail !! ) well I take a deep breath and keep my composer , because I know if she hangs up ill never get my dog back, so in a calm voice I tell her mam that's not a shock collar its a trackin collar for huntin dogs and hes scared up because he is a hogdog and mam thats as fat as that dog gets thats why his name is bones hes just a thin dog.. ( she says well im keepin him and turning your name and # over to animal control, about that time her teenage son gets on the phone and say's my mom said were keeping him and id like to see you take him from me.. ) well folks some how the good lord reached deep down inside me and kept me from lose' in it and trying to jump threw the phone !!! I could tell from his voice he was a wigger kid which made me all the more sick ! But I couldnt let them hang up so with a calm voice I said kid why dont you meet me and we will talk about it.. ( he said me and my boy's will meet you I aint scared !!) And he told me what publix and I described my truck and hung up.. Well of course im ragin and my buddy's are like what the hell is going on ? Well I fill them in and jump in my truck and haul ass up to the store , on the way I tell casey and ryan look here this is the deal , as soon as he pulls up im gonna grab this s.o.b and throw him in my truck and make him tell me where my dog is.. Of course they agree and were fired up man .. Well I was standing out side my truck when the kid and his 3 wigger buddies pull up in there honda.. I snatch there door open about off the hinges and stick my head in the car and said " which one of you mother f4ck4rs got my dog " I think they all screamed out about the same time "sir we know where your dog is and we will take you right over there sir !!! ' Well I had my buddy get in there car and we followed them about a mile to his mom's house.. As soon as we pulled up this drunk skank comes rollin off the porch with a bush in her hand and says ( let me tell you something , im a lesbien animal rights activist and I love animals and I picked your dog up along the side of the highway along 50 and im trying to save him !! ) about that time I lost it ! I said let me tell you somthing you tree huggin bull dike aint no buddy abuse that damn dog hes a hogdog and is loved and cared for better then your doing with this wigger kid of yours !! Now where is my damn dog !! About that time casey had noticed him and said dusty he's in the back yard , there was a 6 foot wooden privacy fence which I proceed to kick the door off the hinges and into a box of splinters as I head thru it and into the back yard .. Well to make matters worse when I get to the back yard " bones is in the back yard in a kid's playpen sittin on a colorfull indian blanket with a damn peice of veg-a-tering pizza hangin out of his mouth and his damn feet crossed like some kind of freakin show dog looking at me like he's on a damn picknick !!!!!!!! " I grabbed my old dog by the collar and pulled him real close to me so I knew he could hear me good and whisperd in his ear (" bones when I get you in that truck I am gonna woop your ass you traitor !!!!!!!! ) lol.. I snatched the grass lover's pizza out of my dogs mouth picked him up and headed for my truck !! On the way I cussed out (rosie o"donnel) one more time , meanwhile she's screamin the cops are on the way , while I proceed to take the chevy truck on it's victory lap thru her nice front yard dale jr style !!! Then point my old chevy south back home feeling a hole lot better about the days events....needless to say I didnt hunt the next 2 days on the permit

(dis-clamer ) no dogs were beat or harmed in the making of this story ....lol...and I drove off after I got the call from the bulldike with my trackin box on top my truck , if anyone finds it along hwy 50 please call me.....thank you

Sinking Airboats At Lake Kissimmee
well it started off a good weekend we were at my buddys camp in riverranch right on lake kissimee we had been up all night fri. Havin a good time getting good and buzzed on crown when it started getting close to daylight now it was early jan. And about 40 degress, now for us florida crackers thats 20 below!! So we loaded up on the airboats and headed out across a pasture and jumped back into the lake and started riding the edge looking for hogs and deer , it was so dam cold on the airboat doing 50 mph I was frozen stiff, so we came to a cut and started huntin we split up and started down the lil canal, well the oak trees hang over into the water so you got to be carefull coming around corners, well as I come around the corner I see my buddys boat up on top the bank out of the water and hes screamin and wavein his hands to get over on the bank, well I thought there was an old fence post sticking up out of the water or something so I cut the boat hard and started to jump the ditch bank, well the back corner of my boat diped into the river and started takein on water!! The prop started choppin water and it pulled us back out in the middle of the canal, now my buddy bj that was with me tryed to jump from the airboat to the bank before we sank well he jumped and it looked like he was gonna make it but it didnt happen.. Do to the big ass parka he was wearin it opened up like a damn parachute and sucked his ass back into the middle of the canal!! Me in the mean time being stubborn road the ship down al the way to the bottom about 15 to 18 ft down, blew a couple air bubbles and shook my head in decust and swam to the top,well when I get to the top bj is just bobin in the water with his big as parka floatin him and his face is about purple its so cold, I grapped him and asked him you alright boy? He didnt answer I asked him again you alright boy? He still didnt answer , so I slapped him in the face and told him to talk to me, finally with his face solid purple and his lips shaken he says ya im alright. Now the next problem the current is rushin and our guns are still on the bottom so we swam down to get them, in the mean time are cooler full of whiskey is floating away in the current with the lid open,well being the rednecks we are the first priority is to save the whiskey!! So we start swimming for the cooler only to watch it flip over and sink!! Damn!!!!!!! Now we got the big job tryin to get the boat up. So we swim down and get a rope tied to it and go to work, 9 hours and 6 of us pulling and tiein off pullin and tiein off we finally get it up on the bank,so I go to work on it ,pull all the spark plugs, pull the oil drain , carb plug and start drainin the water .after turning the motor over for awhile with the plugs out we got it pretty dried out,well the gas tank is full of water, so im sitting in the bottom of the boat cypherin all the water and gas out of the tank, well with out me relizein im sitting in gas now im talking a 100 octane avation fuel and its soakin in my levis well after a few min my ass goes to burnin then my legs then its burnin bad so I jump out of the boat and get naked which aint a (pretty sight) and go to grabbin mud from the bank and rubbin it on my ass and fishin tackle!! After about 10 minutes of this and all my buddys catchin there breath from laughing at me, I need some pants for the ride back, well all the guys with dry clothes weigh about 150lbs soaking wet, so my one buddy gives me his pants , now after me pulling these jokers up as far as I possibly can, I just get them high enough to cover my fishin tackle and I got to hold them up with one hand to do that!! So we get my boat running and start headin back , I look like bigfoot with a small pair of pants on!! Now when we left the boat ramp at riverranch there wasnt a soul there, of course when we get back theres about a 100 people there, I get off my boat and this oldman walks up to me and says son you looked like you had a bad day!! I said oldman you dont even know!!!

In Memory Of Slick R.I.P
well here in south fl. The places to hunt hogs leagelly is dwendeling there is a place called the lake park marsh,that we used to be able to hunt till about 12 years ago when they closed it to the public and made it the citys leaders personal play pen, well the hogs and deer have been over running in the marsh and to guys like me that have hog hunting on the brain,its enough to make us forget about the gamewardens and the trouble your gonna get into if you get caught,so we loaded up the dogs on the 4 wheelers and headed in ,we were only in about a half a mile when one of my traildogs slick started windin a hog,so I cut him loose and a young gyp female I was training and they took out,so we followed on the bikes slowly not wanting to spoke the hogs, then slick opened , he was on one hot and the gyp started barking right behind him,i could tell the hog had broke and they were running him hard by there barks,so we hauled ass on the bikes to catch up as we got close I saw the hog run up the ditch bank,he was solid red about 280 300 and slick and the bitch were on his ass as he went up the bank,we climbed up the bank with the bikes when we got to the top we just caught a look at the hog and the dogs swiming to the other side of the canal,and im talking about a 100 ft wide gator infested canal,so we started takein are boots off getting ready to cross when the dogs quit barking ,my buddy says dam man the dogs lost them,i told him no they didnt loose him,slick was to hot on his ass theres no way he lost him..about that time it sounded like a tornado in the palmetto bushes across the canal and then the gyp started bayin and barking hard I new they stopped him and slick was catchen,hes a game ass dog he"ll try any hog , about this time the hog started gruntin and the damn bushes sounded like there was two bull's in there fighten and the gyp barking her head off,this is the point when anybody who hog hunt 's knows what I mean,you get the adreline rush like nothin else , the hogs fightin the dogs are fightin all you here is the hog and dogs screamin and you grab your knife and start headin in to the fight,we jumped in the canal and started swiming accross when we got to the other side and started to climb the bank on that side everything stopped,it was dead silent, so I started to walk into the bushes when I heard something come thru the bushes at us, it was my gyp ,shes was bleeding bad were the hog had ripped her shoulder open and cut her in the chest bad,so we put her on a leash and keep walkin about another 50 feet we could see blood all over the palmettos so I started calling slicks name and walking forward and about another 10 foot in I found slick,he was dead,the hog had stuck his tooth in his side and gutted him...so I carried my dog out and put him on the 4 wheeler and got my stich kit out and started sewin up the gyp and we headed out......this is a risk you run if your gonna hoghunt I have lost many great dogs to badass hogs,there always big teeth hogs out there that will wreck your whole pack,so dont think the dogs win every fight!!!

My Bigfoot Story!!!
I used to have a 3,500 acre hunting lease we hog hunted..well I dont know if you guys remember a few years ago when they were having a bunch of bigfoot sightins around the glades .. Anyways we were hunting one night at the lease, its about midnight and the dogs struck on a hog, well I had just bought all my dogs new cut vest that week, anyways the dogs start barking and runnin into a big oak and palmetto head and then started barkin and bayin hard,so me and the guys are running to them when one of my dogs comes flyin out of the palmettos about 4 ft in the air and his vest is all ripped up!! Man I looked at the guys that were with me and said come on boys they got a badass boar hog caught in there, thats about the time **** went wrong !! All the dogs start screaming like there getting killed and the bushes are thrashin, thats when we heard it, now I dont know how to explain it in words, but its about the most blood curdiling scream you could imagine it was a high pitch scream like a woman getting killed!! I look back and the guys are running back towards were the truck was, now we dont have any guns just knifes and I started shine"in the q-beem in the bushes ,when it screamed again and this time it was real close!! Now im not gonna lie it scared the **** out of me!! And the first thing that comes to my head is god dang its bigfoot that everybodys been seein!! Man you aint never seen a fat man cut a trail like I did threw them woods back to the truck, I mean I was breakin camp son!!!!! I get back to the truck and these guys are inside with the windows up and there asking me what the hell is that? I said man I dont know what the hell it is, I aint never heard nothin scream like that ! So I started to drive back towards the dogs cause there still going crazy barkin, and my buddy has the q-beem out the window shine"in the woods ,well we get back to were the dogs are and hes shine"in and all of a sudden it screams again !! Well erin drops the light out the window and rolls the dam window up!! I said man wheres the light? He said dusty the hell with that light lets get out of here! ! I got out of the truck and walked around and picked up the light and started shine"in the woods again and it screamed again, this time it sounded different, it sounded like it was up it the trees so I started shine"in the top of the trees and thats when I saw the beast !! I saw what had us running like girls back to the truck and took about 10 years off my life !! It was a full grown 150 lb florida panther and he was pissed!! I had never seen one in the wild because there so rare and I had no idea they made blood curdling sounds like that..so when I finally get the rest of the guys to roll the window back down and let me back in the truck,we grapped all the dogs and had a hell of a laugh !! Of course after the fact no one was scared !! We took turns telling each other that we were just running back to the truck for items we had forgot !! One guy said he had to go back and get his jacket ,thats why he was running and one guy was just going back for his beer ! And of course I said I was just running back to the truck to see why the hell you guys were running!!!!!!!!! Lol

this story is for all the young guys and the ones who are just startin to train hogdogs..this story is about one of my best hogdogs ,she was also my first,,her name was felony she was 6 weeks when I got her and she was rank from the start, when she was about 3 months I put her on her first hog, when she saw it she didnt smell it or walk up and check it out, she came accross the yard and hit that pig full boar and went to shakein!!I put her on a bunch more as she was growing up,she had no problem catchin!! But when I would take her to the woods she wouldnt do nothin as far as trail'in ,i worked her and worked her in the woods but she never found any hogs.. She got me so mad one day I left her in the woods and went home,now I only live about 5 miles from were we hog hunt if that but anyway I got home and my big rednose buckwheat that she penned with , he new something was wrong he was pissed at me he was eyein me like he was gonna bite me. I had done left his women and she was about the only dog on earth that he liked but thats another story, so I told my dad what I did and he cussed me for leavin her and told me I should not have gave up on her she was still young as hell and just didnt know what she was supposed to be doing.. So the next moring I came out to feed buckwheat and dam if felony wasnt sitting in front of her pen!! Man I almost stroked out, my dad came out and saw her and said boy your an idiot if you get rid of that dog, if shes smart enough to find her way all the way back home from the woods then shes worth workin! I agreed and keep workin her ... We were camped out in the woods one night and some guys pulled up on there buggy and had just killed a hog, I asked if I could have the tail and ear off of it because I was working a young dog, they said no problem.. So I tied the tail on top her dog box and give her the ear to chew on all night..well the next moring right about sunlight we were on the buggy ridein thru the woods and I saw two hogs cross the trail! We hauled ass up to were they crossed and I jumped off the buggy to look for there tracks to see which way they crossed and all of a sudden felony jumped off the buggy and took off into the woods and then started barkin her ass off!! I got on the buggy and told my buddy what the hell is that dumb ass dog doing? She was gettin far into the woods and still barken I said hell lets go ,shes gotta be running those hogs and we chased behind that dog for a good half hour and finally the barkin stopped and the squealin started!! She had trailed and caught about 150lb hog by herself,man I was prouder than a puppy with 2 peters!! And from that day on we didnt take her hunting to many times that she didnt find and catch us a hog! Over the 7 years she was alive she trailed and caught me well over 500 hogs including the biggest boar I have ever got, he was 425 lb with 4 and a half inch teeth,and is still mounted on my wall....she had got her tail bit in half by a hog, she got run over by the buggy twice chasein hogs under neath it and she had been cut and sewed back up more times than frankenstein!! She was finally killed by a hog when she was 7 years old, and thats the best death a hogdog can have, I cannot think of a better way for a hogdog to die than doing what they love, there soliders with no fear and they love to hunt more than we will ever!! So dont let some idiot tell you that hunting a dog is cruel,because I will guarantee you they live for it and love it!! But the reason I wrote this story is because so many times we give up on are young dogs, but that dog could be your best dog ever and beleve me I would do anything to have mine back!!!!! (r.i.p. Felony)

Chase'in Deer In Gardners Marsh
oh ya ,i know all about flippin airboats chasein deer.ive destroyed two airboats ..one day I was hunting off lake kissimmiee ,i jumped the biggest buck ive ever seen in my life at gardners marsh, it was dry as hell once you left the lake you didnt see water all day till you came back to the lake, (i mean hardass huntin) anyways theres a road that cuts threw gardners marsh I was blowin my airboat up close to the road because I had seen deer there before and bam up pops bullwhinkle im chasein him with my boat threw the myrtels and he turns and crosses the road, I wasnt loose"in this buck I jumped the bank with my airboat and crossed the road and busted threw the barbwire fence,well right on the other side of the fence was two cow ditches ,well hell I was going to fast to stop so I just stayed in it and jumped both ditches,well the guy who was in the back seat with the gun he decided he"d had enough of this crazy ride and jumped off,so I cussed him for a sissy and took off again,well by this time the bucks got a good lead on me accross the cow pasture and I relize somewhere in the race my gun has feel out of the gunscabered it was in,so I sayed to my self hell with it im gonna run him down,well after running dry for all that time and my aircraft motor is glowin red about to blow up,finally theres some water in the pasture and I built speed back up and caught up to the buck,well he made a hard turn and I followed and fliped the boat,it shot my fat ass in the ground like a meteor-right and knocked the wind out of me, im layin on the ground bellowin like a old bull ,well in the mean time my boat is up side down with the motor running and the prop choppin thru the metal cage and hitting the ground, I finally caught my breath and got the damn boat shut off before the prop came apart..hell it was fun ,just another day for us swamp running crackers!!!!

Corbet Area Still Hunt Story
well anybody who hunts the corbet area knows by the middle of the season most of the game has been pushed into the still hunt areas where buggys aint supposed to run.. Well as usall thats the 1st place im huntin in the morning, I had done caught two hogs and had them on the buggy , I had al david and shawn rush on there buggys sitting on the legal side and I would bring the hogs out to them and go back in on my buggy well on my 2nd trip in some of the boys that were on al and shawns buggy done got their courage up and decided they wanted to come in with me. Now ive got tj , fat hayes , bill hinn , and mark thomas on the buggy with me and the dogs ,as I started to cross the game canal I notied another buggy coming along the game canal , I call shawn on the radio and asked who it was " he says its the gamewarden man !! " as I looked again me and officer weir were about 200yds apart looking at each other eye to eye !! I throwed her in low and let'er eat !! We were runnin thru the still hunt wide open and bill hinn started yelling they got us -they got us just stop , I slowed down to about 20 mph and said if you want off old man you better jump now !! Tj , fat hayes and bill jumped and tuck and rolled into the palmet'ers , I looked at mark and he had done sat down on the deck and locked his arms around the railing and I stood back in her !! In just a few minutes I had done flew thru the cypress and accross the power-lines heading west . I gave it about a hour and called "al" on the radio to see what the deal was " he said man as soon as you took off the game warden took off behind you thru the canal and run his fan thru the radiater then blowed their motor ! The other game wardens are pulling the buggy out now , he said their pissed and want to know who was on that buggy.. I just smiled and took out my pocket knife and cut another notch on my consol.....

OMG LMFAO A few of those I had never read that just totally made my morning ill be laughing all day on these new ones, I would have payed money to been there on the one with getting his Dog back :lol: :lol:
Those were the best!! You know he's upstairs right now with a bottle of crown saying,"Let me tell you about this time!"
Real...sorry to read this about Dusty. The man had a heart of gold and a backbone made of titanium steel.
Prob got the boat up on a plane in the marsh in the sky. Thanks for sharing his stories as they always got my attention.
Good one about his truck Rich!

RIP from your old friend Basketcase. :angel11: